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Is it true that Patrick Dempsey is leaving Greys Anatomy?

It is my favourite show and he is my favourite character. I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!!!!!!

******Answers much appriciated

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    Derek's contract is up after season 8. I love the show so I hope he dosnt go.Ellen Pompeo is thinking of calling it quits after season 8 also, but anyway I believe if this season goes good and they feel needed and are having fun they might go on because I know season 7 was gonna be the last but now there on to season 8.

    Source(s): Googled EVERYTHING I could find.
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  • sammi
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    9 years ago


    I read an interview with Shonda Rimes recently and she didn't hint that he might leave. She did say that Derek and Meredith are meant to be together. However, I have heard rumours that some of the main characters may not renew their contracts at the end of next season. In this case, the "Grey" of Grey's Anatomy would be Lexie...

    Here's hoping nothing much changes!

    Source(s): Huge GA fan
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  • mkatm1
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    9 years ago

    Yes the new season will be his last, they should just pull the plug it is barely recongnisable from the earlier seasons. I think Katherine Heigel had the foresight to know that it was heading down hill and left with her dignity intact. Can't say the same for the remaining cast though especially the ones who obviously went temperarily insane when they agreed to take part in the utter car crash that was the "musical" episode.

    Good God is there no-one on that production crew with any common sense?

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  • 9 years ago

    If that is Mcdreamy, then I highly doubt that is true unless you can find an actual quote from him saying he is leaving.

    But I am not sure, you can dislike this answer if you please because like I said I doubt it, but I do not know.

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  • 9 years ago

    wow, I am running out of valid reasons to continue watching this show.

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