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Who's better: Anthony Johnson or Rick Story?

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    mm it is a perfect question if u tell me. What i know is that Rick is a much better wrestler but Anthony in my opinion is a better striker. the reach advantage is defiantly for Anthony as he is bigger and taller. rick is a great wrestler good striking but not comparable to Johnson. what i like about rick he goes to the body more often wear fighters out and then go for a take down and keep it their which most fighters have such a hard time dealing with it. rick is not the person who is one punch knock out fighter but can finish with one punch and then couple of punches and it could be done while Anthony do have that one shot power the guy is a freak for a welterweight. he do have good wrestling comparing to people who sucks at grappling but people who are born wrestlers, jujitsu, judo he does not perform that well. so game plans is that rick has to close the distance and go for take down while Johnson has to keep on the feet and playing his reach advantage.

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    It would be hard to say who is better than the other; however, one thing to be factored in is that Anthony Johnson cuts over 30lbs to make weight at 170. Size is a big advantage, as well as reach. Rick Story is on a six fight winning streak and has a huge test ahead of him in Nate Marquardt, June 26. If Story can make it past Marquardt, that would make for an interesting match-up. Good forethought on your part.

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    the first

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