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How Does the Stock App Work on The Ipod?

Okay So You Know How When You Get An Ipod Touch It Has The Stocks App What Do The Numbers Mean Like The Ones For MCD eg.80.50 [+.16]< Those #'s

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  • Dan
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    9 years ago
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    MCD = the stock symbol for McDonalds

    80.50 = the last price the stock traded at in the market

    +.16 = means the stock is up .16 cents today versus what it closed at yesterday

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  • laci
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    4 years ago

    You cannot delete the pre established apps that apple offers you. Stocks nevertheless isn't a enormous app it's 1MB that is a million/eight,000,000 of the specific dimension of your Ipod so don't forget deleting every other apps.

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