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How do I put my hair up in a wig?

I've looked and looked and all I see is people asking about their "long, thick hair". Well I have REALLY thick hair and my hair is pretty short. It's not as short as it could be, but it comes down to my collarbones when its straight, and it goes along my jawline when it's curly. This is for a cosplay I'm doing hopefully within the next half year, and I was thinking I should leave it curly so the bobby pins stay in better (texture and everything...), but my question is how many wig caps should I use and how should they be? If anyone has a video of someone with hair kind of like mine doing it, that would be great, but otherwise whatever advice anyone can give is great!


Uhrm. Please keep in mind that this is for COSPLAY and not everyday use please ^_^" If you don't know what cosplay is, I don't mean to sound rude, but I'd rather you not answer the question. That or look it up if you just think you might have an idea. :3

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    There are a lot of ways to do it. The best kinds, personally, are the lace front wigs. You can glue them on or braid your hair and sew them on. The glue doesn't last too long, but that does depend on the way thta you take care of the wig and the glue. When you sew it on, you just have to make sure to wash your hair and the wig as you wuold normally wash your hair. Remember to buy the best quality wigs that you can afford because YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Personally, i think that Remy wigs are the best out there right but but I like the way that they lay. If you chose to go with human hair wigs, remember that not all human hair is made equally and some are not actually human. Remember to have fun with it though. You can do anything with them that you couldn't do with your hair. If burn it, you may have to buy a new one but at least you didn't burn your hair. I wear them from time to time when I want to give my hair a break. So go for it sista!?!?

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