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Is there such thing as "National Sex Day"?

I heard this from a guy he said, that on 6/9 Thursday was NATIONAL SEX DAY is that even real?

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    Probably not...but I'll celebrate. lol

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    I don't know if it is an official holiday but I did see it on Tumblr. Even though congress may not pass it.... There are still days like National Weed day. Sooo... I'm sure it's not too far fetched to say there is a National sex say because people like Sex just as much as the next. All I can say, if there is a such thing... There will be a lot of children born around the same time unless they use proper precautions.

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    Is there such thing as "National Sex Day"?

    I heard this from a guy he said, that on 6/9 Thursday was NATIONAL SEX DAY is that even real?

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  • Well I don't think so but, a Vancouver student has launched an Internet campaign to create a National Sex Day.

    And while it won't be an official holiday, it's sure to be fun.

    Jonathan Yaniv, a computer science student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, B.C., wants to make Aug. 21 a day devoted to the art of love.

    The 21-year-old is trying to get at least one million Canadians to join the Facebook event "National Sex Day 2008."

    The Facebook group already had over 130,000 people wanting to unzip and unwind.

    "I thought a special day, just for this type of activity, (would) be the best," said Yaniv.

    He has been preparing his guests by promoting safer sex, even sending out free condoms on request.

    March 21 was initially slated to be the first National Sex Day, but it didn't go over well with Christians -- it was also Good Friday.

    Vancouver sexologist Dr. Pega Ren thinks the idea is long overdue and wants more Canadians to hop in the sack.

    "People should call in well rather than call in sick (that day)," she said.

    Ren said a day devoted to sex and sexual well-being is important because it "de-emphasizes hatred and promotes kindness, loving and sexuality."

    Although he tried to make it, it is not an actual day :)

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    National Sex Day

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    As every other "National Day" it starts somewhere and through my research on anything and everything sex related, I found that "National Sex Day" have been created by different organizations for different reasons and of course for different ; and in different countries or companies to suit their needs or in the case of the Choice USA decided to declare October 28th a National Call-In Day for Sex Ed, Sexuality Information Education Council of the U.S., Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom, Advocates for Youth, and Catholics for Choice. This day was created to provide ongoing support to emerging pro-choice leaders.

    I have found other "National Day's" that tough would be appropriate:

    Nov 8, 2010 ... Happy National Sex Toy Day

    6/9 national sex day - on FB

    01/11/2011 was declared National sex-trafficking-awareness

    Russia's national day on 12 June

    So, to finally answer your question; Yes. There is such thing as; "National Sex Day" it's just up to you witch day to follow.

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    Yes, there's definitely such thing as "bad sex". Especially in a woman's point of view. I'd rather do it myself if its going to be really bad.

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    There is such a day. 6/9 of any year.I found this by doing a random internet search. The UK has a national orgasm day, July 31.

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    An area in Russia has a national sex day in order to stimulate the birthrate. They have done this for three years. The birth rate has increased by more than 4 percent as a result.

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    i don't even know...that's what everyone on facebook is talking about...but idk. it wouldnt surprise me, seeing as there is also a "national sock day" ... i don't think that it's a legitimate national holiday, though. probably just someone somewhere looking for a reason to have sex...not a holiday i will be celebrating, regardless of whether or not it is real...

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    It's America. Of course there is.

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