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How do i reword this sentence???? URGENT?

Im writing a petition and need urgent help.

How do i reword this sentence:

The student body of LHS (my high school) would like to thank the BOE (Board of education) for the first hand lesson in Civics in taxation without representation.

How do come across in a tone that is less sarcastic, and blunt? PLEASE HELP !!!!

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    Me and my peers at LHS would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board of education for the insightful and useful lesson in Civics about taxation with representation.

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    The student council of LHS would like to thank our BOE for the ____ (experience, opportunity, ability) to have a special lesson on Taxation without Representation in Civics.

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    The student body of LHS would like to express our gratitude to the BOE for the primary lesson in taxation without representation in Civics.

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