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What time zones match Florida time?

So, I know New York time zone matches Florida time zone, but what other states match it?

I mean like, say it's 5pm in Florida and 5pm in New York, where else is it 5pm?

Please help, thanks. :)

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    Katt: Your question is not clear, because Florida is located in two time zones. The best way to know the time zone of a place is looking into the map. I have a X X ROAD MAP for U.S. CANADA and MEXICO. The first map shows whole United state and parts of Canada and Mexico. On the top right side of the map you can find a clock showing 5 o’clock. On the top middle part there is a clock showing 4 o’clock. Between these two clocks, you can find a red dash (- - - - -| - - - -| - -) line with short vertical line, from Ontario Canada, along Minnesota border, across lake, through Wisconsin and several states, down to Cape San Blas area of Florida.

    The people who live on the west side of the Time zone line will be one hour late than those live in the east side of the line.

    Source(s): Map
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    Find out the position of Florida ( say between 80 and 85 degrees longitude). Then all locations that falls within these two imaginary longitude lines will have the same times.

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    -5:00 is your timezone, also known as Eastern. All states of the US on the East coast will match this.

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    Florida is actually in both EST and CST time zone. Even Chicago will come under this time zone.

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    Delaware,North Carolina ,New Hampshire,Vermont,Connecticut,Massachusetts,New Jersey,South Carolina and Virginia matches it.

    Source(s): list is incomplete but it gives you an idea.
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