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Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard?

Chinese is a very difficult language.

Searching the key word “Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard?” there are over 33,000 results.

Can anyone comment on those articles?

Is there an easy way to learn Chinese?

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    I took Chinese courses in high school and because the teacher fudged the grades because she wanted to show numbers that showed high school students could actually handle a Chinese course I actually ended up with a B.

    So despite being a statistical fabrication, I can tell you that Chinese is hard for the following reasons:

    1. there are two different styles of Chinese writing, both of which are hard to understand and write

    2. the pronunciation of Chinese words is very specific and sometimes differs in only enunciation like ni for instance has an up sound, down sound, flat sound and up-down sound which are all different words (up sound meaning increase in pitch when saying, down is opposite etc.)

    3. there is no frame of reference going from English to Chinese like there is going from English to Spanish or other Western-style languages. There is no real sentence structure like adjective- noun, verb-noun that you'd be used to in the traditional sense. This can also be seen as a pro since there are also no Chinese conjugations of words in past, present or future like in Western languages.

    All together though if you work hard it will come to you. Better than it did me too because I hardly worked.

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    Damn In Chinese

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    Chinese is difficult only because it is so different to other languages. It's only a matter of perception, I believe. Because we are in a world where Western cultures and languages dominate, we are naturally exposed to a lot of western languages. Familiarity takes away many of the perceived 'hardness'. I am a Chinese native living in Australia, and I meet many Australians who learn Chinese very well too.

    There is no 'easy' way to learn Chinese just as their isn't an 'easy' way to learn any language too. Familiarise yourself with the Chinese culture and try speaking with some natives and soon, you may find Chinese not difficult subject anymore.

    Or, if you just want to learn Chinese for fun, start watching some Taiwanese dramas... or listen to Mando-pop.

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    I was in China for a year, and I found it pretty easy to pick up the basics of spoken Chinese. Stuff like shopping, asking directions, answering all the questions about my personal life. The writing system makes it pretty difficult for an outsider to learn though.

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    Hi, I absolutely accept as true with you that English grammar is way simpler than Spanish Grammar. Furthermore, to me, a few European languages are much more tricky that Spanish. German is a well instance. I believe the motive such a lot of persons believe that English is so tricky is, as you stated, the pronounciation. Because of the vowel process--for instance the schwa, and the a couple of sounds for the identical vowel--it ought to be particularly tricky for anybody to talk English like a local. Furthermore, Spanish is a syllable-time language and English is a pressure-timed language, and that makes it rather tricky for English audio system. I'm now not an trained on studying languages. I recognise Spanish relatively good, and a few German. I believe you hit at the proper thought whilst you speak approximately the numerous tenses, the value of the subjunctive, and the reflexives, as good because the gender of nouns and adjectives and the numerous irregulars. So some distance as studying to talk it, I could advise that you simply consciousness on studying the vowels very good despite the fact that you're proper in announcing that every one vowels shouldn't have distinct pronounciations as such a lot of books declare. I more commonly learn elements of a dozen books that I looked at of the library whilst I used to be studying Spanish. Many of them declare to have the name of the game to studying Spanish quite simply, however now not one labored for me. I'm sorry to mention, however I suggestion the grammar of each Spanish and German required memorizing plenty extra element that English. You could check out checking a few audio tapes out of the library and if you'll, become a member of a workshop for your tuition or every other location. A workshop can aid particularly plenty if the institution can keep focussed at the subjects handy instead than thinking about off onto different topics. Good Luck! I want I would deliver you a few truly aid, however approximately all I can say is I percentage your opinion that Spanish isn't handy as the entire Latinos declare. formeng

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    Because its for

    Well mainly because its been around for over 2000 years and the words changes but not the pronunciation so its a very hard language its basically trying to learn ancient languages such as Egyptian hieroglyphics.

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    because it was developed on the other side of the world and is therefore very different than english.

    yes, go to china

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