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some nice places to stay on the west coast of France?

This summer my wife and I (and our dog!) are travelling from Calais, via Limoges to a family wedding in Biarritz.

We plan to get the ferry to Calais - then stop off at Rouen.

After that we have a day spare before we to to Limoges.....

any suggestions? we're looking for a nice village (want to avoid big cities) to stay in. Any suggestions?

Likewise, on the way back from Biarritz, we have given ourselves 3 days to get back to Calais - any further suggestions on this route would be greatly appreciated

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    We stayed at Arcachon which is nice.

    Not sure where you could stay with a dog but the Keycamp and Eurocamp campsites mostly take dogs. You maybe wont want to be at the coast if you are heading back to Calais though but any keycamp campsite is usually good. You could stay in the Loire or NE France ?

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  • glista
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    hi! i comprehend the suited place so you might pass; l. a. Rochelle. this is a rater Small city (80.000 inhabitants) on the west coast of France. I, myself lived her for 4 years, examining to grow to be a chef. l. a. Rochelle is incredibly eye-catching, quite in the summertime, with a brilliant port and advantageous beaches. you locate a brilliant form of stable eating places right here. a number of the suited are; Richard Coutanceau, Les Flots, Les Comptoir de Voyage, L'Annexe and Le nutrients and bar. they are saying that there are the variety of super form of eating places in l. a. Rochelle, which you would be able to pass do a distinctive one daily of the twelve months :) there is an airport in l. a. Rochelle, with daily flights to Paris and London. i for my section love this city and that i'm effective you will too!

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