Hotel russell london are how to tell when the job offer is fake when no mention of money is use?

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the send interview question and contract stamped saying that i should send it to the uk consulate is this fake they did not aks me for money atleaset not yet they say they will be more
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It's very easy - if you did not
a) interview IN PERSON at the actual hotel before you got the job offer, or IN PERSON with a hotel representative in your country
b) apply directly through the Hotel's own career's site which is the ONLY way they recruit for their hotels
b) CONTACT the hotel directly on the number or email on the real website, speak with HR and verify they offered you a job
It's a SCAM
"Calling from abroad: please email us at provide us with your telephone number and we'll call you straight back."

The real Hotel Russell is owned by Principal Hayley hotels so your contract would be from Principal Hayley, not Hotel Russell.

Also for any sort of hotel job you normally have to undergo a police CRB check which requires you to appear in person and be fingerprinted at a UK police station before you would get any job offer. Since hotel workers often have access to guest rooms or financial information they need to make sure you do not have any sort of criminal background and that you are legally able to work in the UK before you can be offered any sort of job

Hotel workers are NOT on the Skills Shortage list so they do not qualify for sponsorship. So unless you are an EU passport holder there is no way you got a job offer from any hotel in London

The scammers never ask for money up front - they are first phishing for your personal information for identity theft purposes. THEN they will start asking you to contact their "lawyer" or "travel agent" or some other party for visa fees or other expenses

The UK has record unemployment levels, almost 1/4 of people under 26 are unemployed and willing to take any job they can find, there is NO way any hotel needs to look for workers overseas. For every advertised job vacancy, employers are receiving an average of 800 CVs so why would they hire anyone in another country they had never even met? Hotel jobs and nanny jobs are the most common online job scams targeting foreigners

I can guarantee if you do an IP lookup of the emails from this "employer" you'll see they do not originate from the UK unless the scammer is smart enough to route through a London based proxy server
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