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who was better in his prime Pedro Martinez or Greg Maddux?


yes Maddux had more wins

but Pedro's Expos & the red sox did not have a lot of offense until Manny went to boston

so if pedro had the offense he could have had plenty of 20 win seasons

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    Pedro,simply put,was lights out. I remember when Pedro was in game 3 of the alcs against Roger Clemens in game 3. Clemens lasted 2 1/2 innings.Clemens was horrible,much to the delight of Sox fans like myself. That was pedro at his greatest. And to think, Tommy Lasorda traded Pedro to the Ex pos, saying he's to skinny to amount to anything. HaHa, Thanx, Tommy!!!

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    Pedro was the best ever in his prime, hands down. He didn't have an oversized mound like Gibson and others had and was dominant at a time when offensive numbers were off the charts.

    He averaged over 13 K's per 9 innings for a few years and finished with an ERA a full run lower than the #2 ERA.

    He had the most devastating chnge up in the history of the game, he' had a fastball that was about 97-98 mph and would make hitters look foolish when he came back with a 85 mph change up.

    Source(s): Watched every start Pedro made with the Sox.
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    Maddux was a better overall pitcher but Pedro dominated more. Maddux has a ton of 15 and 20 win seasons

    Source(s): MLB fan for 4 years
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    Greg Maddux 1995 W 19 L 2 IP 209 ok'S 181 BB 23 era a million.sixty 3 1997 W 19 L 4 IP 232 ok'S 177 BB 20 era 2.20 this is basically an occasion of his dominance and he did it with the help of basically pitching brilliance as he did no longer have the blazing fastball of Martinez who with the help of how grow to be additionally an incredible pitcher in his best. Maddux would desire to basically placed the baseball everywhere he needed to love no one ever has.

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    Pedro faced tougher competition, their numbers are very comparable in both their primes so I'd say Pedro.

  • pedro was filthy in his prime. pedro was power and maddux was finesse. its a tough call but i would say pedro. (i may be a biased mets fan.)

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    maddux! nuff said

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