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Exceptions to pit bull law?

I am an American and want to move to GB. I own a friendly rescue dog who looks like an APBT. My dog is good with other dogs and even cats and other small animals. He lets cats clean his ears and face. He will lick another dog who cries in sadness. He loves to play. I can give him treats without him letting a single tooth brush against me. He is seven years old and healthy. He is *officially* listed as a mix, and he *is* a little small for a pit. Theoretically, he *might* be able to pass for a mix. Do I have to wait until he gets older and passes naturally in order to move to GB? Are there any exceptions or hope for me/us?


I love a man, and thus the issue. I love a man, but how could I risk the government arbitrarily murdering my "child" (pet) if there is no safe way to get us both there?

Update 2:

I love a man, but how could I risk the government arbitrarily murdering my "child" (pet) if there is no safe way to get us both there?

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    good luck with that ... my friend tried to bring her "mix" to england and she was given the option at the airport in england to ship her dog back to canada or have it humanely euthanized ... over 5000 dollars for her and the dog to go back to canada ... and my friend's dog, i would never say it looked like a pit bull and it still was sent back ...

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    It's not likely he will pass, the people who are baking this law are 'pit-phobic' crazy. I've heard of Jack Rustle Terriers, labradors, and all kinds of hounds being mistaken as pits, and thus taken from their owners and sometimes even euthanized.

    Besides that, the definition of 'pit' has become so obscure that it really is hard to protect a dog in any way. If one person decides to dislike you, they can call up the pound and tell them you're hiding a pit. The people working for the pound aren't dog experts, and if they believe they're right they'll take your dog and you'll wind up in court.

    How nice the dog is has nothing to do with it, it's the reason any dog lover is against BSL of any kind. They don't care one drop how nice your dog is, even if it's a therapy dog.

    The only exceptions I've heard of is for the pits already living there, because in most instances they have a no sell, no import, no breeding clause writtin in.

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    Yes, there is the IED [Index of Exempted Dogs].

    However there is a huge *but*, & that is an owner cannot apply to have their dog registered & it is at the court's discretion after the police have identified the dog as an APBT or type [having sufficient characteristics to be classed as type of illegal dog which is a subjective assessment].

    Once registered on the IED by court order the owner must comply will all the stringent conditions otherwise the dog can still be seized & euthanized.

    As long as the Dangerous Dogs Act is in force, I would advise against attempting bring a dog that has the appearance of an illegal breed into England.

    The proposed Dog Control Bill may replace the DDA so you may not have to wait for your dog to die to bring him into this country - it depends if the Bill is supported by Parliament.

    Source(s): Click on link Dangerous Dogs Act BSL UK Then click on Registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs
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    We have very strict rules on pit bull and pit bull types in UK they are banned and so you can't bring them into UK. There are no exceptions to the law. Any dog that looks like a pit bull or pit bull type is removed from it owner and kenneled till DNA test are done and if the dog is proved to be bit bull or has any part pit bull in him with be put to sleep and the owner can taken to court for owner illegal breed and will have to pay for all the cost for the time the dog was taken and there are fines etc.

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  • Anonymous
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    I've never been one of these people that agree it's the breed and all dogs a like, I always believe its the owner! However in saying that most of the illegal apbt in this country are used inappropriately (usually for status symbol) due to this authorities are on high alert, it's more than likely they will take your apbt and by using DNA and find out he is a illegal. If this does happen they will put him down regardless.

  • Pamela
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    If you are in the UK, Pits and Pits mixes are banned. There is no exceptions. If the authorities think the dog is of that type of dog they will take it.

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    even a "Pit Bull mix is illegal in uk. all it takes is for anyone to call the police and report your dog as a pit and they will come looking. i would not trisk bringing him here.

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    I don't know what GB is...

    It doesn't matter WHAT he is. If a landlord looks at the dog and says "Pit Bull" then it means "Pit Bull" and they won't rent to you. Or if there are breed restrictions, and authorities look at that dog and say "Pit Bull" then you're out of luck. Doesn't matter if they can't prove it, if it looks like a PB, then it is a PB.

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    There is no way to prove he is a APBT. List him as a mix. I don't see anything stopping you from moving to GB if he isn't actually an APBT.

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    There is no way for them to prove that he is a pit bull. You just list him as a mix and head on your merry way!

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