What can shamans do on WOW?

I'm trying to descide on rolling a troll shaman or Druid, I have a level 40 Druid so i know what they can do, so what do shamans do, and what class should I roll?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Restoration -healer with good raid healing spells -similar to restoration on a druid

    Elemental -caster dps focused on nature damage -similar to balance on a druid

    Enhancement -melee dps focused on weapon strikes -similar to feral cat on a druid

    shamans also use totems which provide buffs to the entire party and self (ex. healing, damage distribution, str & agi increase, mana regen)

    Most people will choose restoration as one of their specs as que times suck as a dps, the other spec is generally chosen based on what the player prefers, either caster or melee.

    For healing I would say go with shaman

    For tanking your only option in the two would be druid

    For pve dps I have no idea as I have fun on both a feral druid and a elemental shaman

    For pvp dps I would say feral druid is better

  • 9 years ago

    Shamans can be three things: Healers which of course heal and if you like healing thats going to get you into a raid group the quickest. Then they have the caster and melee dps. Caster is far away and done at range while the melee is done upclose. Both have their benefits. I'll use Heigan the Unclean from Naxx for an example. If you're melee you'd have to be really good at the Heigan Dance and be at the right time when the green sludge comes up and you'd do that the whole fight. With the caster you'd be standing on the platform and be safe from the sludge but when he teleports back onto the platform and you'd have to get off quick. It's just how to want to play really and if you master both you'd do good dps. Of course not every fight is like Heigans so just read up on tactics. I'd personally recommend you stay playing the druid as druids have so much choices. Druids if I remember can tank, heal, range dps and melee dps. Of course though i'll mention I haven't played since the days before the Arthas raid came out so things changed greatly with the Cata expac.

  • 9 years ago

    Well if you've already played a druid (and got bored before reaching level 85) maybe try a shaman? Really when you play WOW you need to find YOUR class. One that you enjoy more than the others, mine personally is a warrior, although most people find them very basic and boring, I think they're the best class xD Try different classes and find your favourite :D

  • 9 years ago

    Shamans can fill three different roles:

    Healer(Resto Talent Tree)

    Melee DPS(Enhancment Tree)

    Ranged Spell DPS(Elemental Tree)

    All three have different totems they can use to help support groups with different buffs.

    What you should roll depends on what role you would like to fill.

    If you are looking for a good DPS class my personal favorite is a Death Knight, which should become available to you at level 50.

    Source(s): 85 Warlock, 85 DK and 85 Healadin
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  • 3 years ago

    Orc or Goblin. Orcs have the bloodfury racial which on use will strengthen sp and ap, plus the 5% puppy harm might want to keep on with to spirit wolves if you're enhancement Goblins have the rocket bounce/rocket attack it extremely is fantastic, plus they get their personal monetary organisation once a nil.5 hour and performance max rep reductions no count number what. Edit- in case you do not have cataclysm yet, orc might want to be the perfect selection

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  • 9 years ago

    Hmm.. I'd say Shaman because they can be a "Mage" a "healer" or even "melée dps"

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