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can someone please explain in simple terms why English and Amercican troops are fighting in Afghanistan?

I know its been going on for a while but i dont know why, iv only just dicided to get cultured up and take more notice/

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    Because Afghanistan's government had been taken over by the the Taliban, who began harboring terrorists. After the attacks of September 11th, 2001, the US decided that permitting state-sponsored terrorism was not in our country's best interests. So we overthrew the government.

    The Taliban have been reduced to an insurgency, who attempt to reclaim power by overthrowing the democratic government installed by NATO. Thus, NATO forces must still defend this young government from the insurgency.

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    It might be better to think of them not as fighting "in Afghanistan." Asymmetric warfare is the way things seem to be going these days, and geopolitical lines have very little to do with how those things operate. Troops have room to shoot in Afghanistan, more subtle political measures are more appropriate in Yemen, basic intelligence and police work at home, and so on; but it's a world-wide effort against Islamic extremists/terrorists. It's best not to think of it in the terms of traditional 20th century military operations, though that aspect does superficially look similar.

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    It is part of a war Israel is having with the Islamic World over the ever expanding Israel, See the link. The war in Iraq was for the same reason.

    I am no supporter of Islam being a Brit atheist, but the American presence in the Middle East is the sole reason for Islamic terrorism. What possible other reason could there be?. Bin Laden gave the same reason.9/11 was a symptom only, not a reason for a massive global war. Israel needs to be looked at carefully.

    Wars for Israel are bringing America down costing $trillions., the Americans and anybody else who fights for Israel is a first class mug.

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    British troops as not just Englishmen are in the British Army,

    there contingents are mainly troops from:-

    NATO – ISAF (132,400)

    United States – 90,000

    United Kingdom – 9,500

    Germany – 5,000

    France – 4,005

    Italy – 3,880

    Canada – 2,920

    Poland – 2,530

    Romania – 1,870

    Turkey – 1,785

    Denmark – 750

    Australia – 1,550

    Spain – 1,500

    Full list at the link is the mission objectives.

    God Bless and Keep Safe all serving there.

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    To fight the Taliban, a group not responsible for 9/11 (but that attempted to protect Al-Queda). Al-Queda, the group responsible for 9/11, hasn't operated in Afghanistan since the initial invasion. This is why we found Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan and most other Al-Queda operatives are in places like Yemen.

    So why are still still in Afghanistan if the perpetrators of 9/11 aren't clue. The simple fact is that the Taliban will never be rooted out of Afghanistan whether we find them objectionable or not. It might have been appropriate for us to work around them or to chastize them to make sure it was clear they can't protect terrorists but wasting time & resources trying to destroy them is silly and counter productive.

    This "War" will continue for years until one day someone realizes that in order to have peace in Afghanistan they cut a deal with the Taliban. It will happen eventually but in the meantime American soldiers will die until the stubborn people have no choice but to admit they are wrong.

  • Anonymous
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    because our gov went and kicked the ass of the people who sactiond 9/11 and now were trying to passifi them (hahahaha what a joke in there entire history no1 has conquerd them)

    Source(s): history freak
  • Ross
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    9 years ago

    to get back at thoes dirty terrorist that caused 9/11 and hate us. it's not only the US that got hit though. they've done small attacks in England too and other European countries

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    we just have to get rid of all the old stuff in our arsenal.

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