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Leaving home for 3 months, coping with home sickness.?

I'm about to leave home for 3 months with the air force. I'm just going through the early stages of packing and finding things really hard. Being away from my family and my man, it's tearing me up. I know when I get going I'll be fine and I'll be too busy to really think about it much but at the moment it's all a little bit raw and I'm feeling a little bit down. I know it's normal but if anyone has any advice on the best way of coping with being away from home, it would be very welcome :)

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    Two years ago I spent five months in is the first time in 36+ years that I have ever been away from my wife and our home for more that a few days......I took up walking around the countryside and goal was to walk to the base one day....(28miles) I never made it...

    In short stay busy....I don't know where you are going but most bases have gyms and the like......I am sure there will be things to do.....My son in law is in the desert now....some days he works 16-18 hours so he doesn't have time to miss his 8 kids.......also I was on the computer with my wife every day....

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    I've been in the AF for over four years now, although it sucked not being around my family I definitely got used to it. It's all a part of growing up...just remember you're going into something great and having your own adventure instead of staying at home with your folks. Good luck to you!

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    I think you are looking at this in the wrong way. This is the beginning of an adventure. Your friends and family will still be there for you, and the times you come home to visit will be made of great memories. Don't be sad, your life is just beginning, look forward to the change and grow from it.

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