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Haircut and/or styling advice?

I have dyed black hair with blunt, straight bangs and layers. I wear rock, punk and gothic inspired clothes(that I've been told match my personality), but I've got no idea what to do with my hair. Any advice? I like the idea of a unique, messy, choppy style. Any ideas? Pictures would be great!

By the way, I'm not a big fan of the scene haircuts because to me they look huge on top and have two little rat tails for the ends(plus my hair is just past my shoulders and too short for that l look.

This is what I'm not too keen on:

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    A lot of scene girls use extensions (with horrible placement).


    ^^^ That is a good cut for wave, straight, or curly hair. Whether you'd want bold bangs, side bangs, or even no bangs; this would work. With the different layers it would be very easily styled.


    ^^^^ That is the cut a lot of scene girls have, but they add extensions to.

    When you get your hair cut that's only half of the part to achieving the "look" you want. The other half is knowing how to style it and what products to use. To get a messy/texturized/"punk" look, you would want things like: mousse, pomade, hairspray, maybe a little hair cement. You want to use them in moderation though!!!! I can't stress enough that a little goes a long way! Too often I see girls use so much product, their hair looks greasy/oily and flat. Also, for ANY heat styling and using heat tools, heat protectant is a must have.

    Look up haircuts that are like 90 degree cuts, 45 degree cuts, etc. (: best of luck!

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    For having your hair down most of the time:

    You could add a little bit about your face shape and what part of your face that you would like to accent. Your facial shape is a good determiner for what kind of hairstyle you should get. People with long faces should get hairstyles which focus on volumizing the hair on the sides of their heads and minimizing the volume on the top of their head. People with round or square faces should focus on volumizing the top of their head and keeping their hair longer than their chins. It's all about balancing your face. People with ovular faces, like me, usually look good with layers that are cut to a length so that they accent the part of your face you want. For example, if an oval-faced person wishes to accent their eyes, then their layers will begin at their eyes to bring more attention to them.

    For spending a little bit of time tying it up:

    I watched this a while ago, and I personally thought it was a very cool look. I'm not necessarily a punk/gothic wearing person, but even I sometimes put my hair up into this hair style. It's definitely not scene hair and is a more understated punk hair look.

    Youtube thumbnail

    I hope that helped little bit. I described more about the kind of haircut you should get because to me, it matters more to me if you can put your hair down out of a great hairstyle and have it still look great.

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    try searching in google images, gothic hair, black hair, punk hair etc and just look through the images, im sure youll find something you like !

    i found this for you, going by your description, not likeing crazy scene, also have you ever thought about messy spikey long hair ? for the style youre describing it could look really really cool!

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    oooh i like an prolonged sparkling slate to start with. length; approximately 4 inches off yours ok bangs! side swept to be suitable=] ask your stylist to lead them to chunky, so its not 3 hairs shorter than the others. now LAYERS. long wavey ones. ok now your stylist is probable gonna blow dry your hair and make all of it puffy. not cool. bathe it outttt;] wavesss! use a mousse to make those waves jointly as your hairs moist separate your hair, leave the 1st layer down and pull something up scrunch the backside layer with the mouse, yet not too a lot, merely a sprint. repeat with all layers now blowdry merely the right of your hair to tame it some de-frizz creme, i like garnier, to tame your waves STRAIGHTEN (or blowdry reallll reliable) your new side swept bangs now to procure yourselff some goood hair

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    You should try a pixie cut. They're really cute but can be styled in tons of different ways. Something like a short pixie cut:

    Or a shaggy pixie cut:

    This can be dyed any color. I personally prefer red (mine is a shaggy pixie cut dyed fire engine red). So it works with all hair styles and colors and face types. Try it out! =)

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