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French speaker - question about "y" and "en"?

I have a French exam tomorrow and I want to be able to use y and en in my writing.

I know that "y" replaces "au" (etc) when used as a pronoun, and "en" replaces "du" (etc) when used. Would this be an acceptable sentence? (Quite simple but just as a way to gauge whether I'm using it correctly.)

J'aime bien jouer du piano, j'en joue depuis deux ans.


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    'En' as preposition 1

    1in space ;introduces direction ,situation ex: j'habite en Grèce.aller en Angleterre.

    2 indicates the period.:en été

    3indicates composition , material :montre en or

    4introduces the domain ,the concerned subject :bon en dessin

    5indicates the manner ,the form ,state :être en colère ,sucre en morceaux

    6 indicates the means:voyager en voiture.

    adv.. indicates the place from where we come,origine: j'en viens

    Personnel pronoun DE lui ,d'elle ,d'eux ,d'elles ,de cela: il s'en moque...de cette ville...elle s'en s'ouviendra,...il a réussi ei il en est fier...j'ai des stylos ,tu en veux quelques-uns? tu en veux?

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    it sounds correct to me but its been yrs since i last spoke french. so i checked on net and found a page that gives info about pronoms personnesl ( y et en). you can check it out to make t sure;


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