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Housing for a foul smelling male mouse? help?!?

I have five mice, three girls and two boys. They are brothers and the angora brother smells at a minimum and is a very obsessively clean mouse who after two days looks to be cleaned out etc which is good and his marking now at 13 weeks old seems to be coming under control.

However, his brother Pikachu has the worst smelling man jam in the world it smells like ammonia, skunks, sweat, urine, poop I can't even describe it and he is getting worse by the day. I have tried everything it cant be his diet as he has suddenly gotten worse just over a week ago and his diet is the same as all the others which is quite plain and its the best mouse food Supreme Science. His water is changed regularly and I have tried vanilla in it which helps a little bit but not much and tried scattering vanilla around the cage which helps but it goes stale after a few hours and smells bad.

I clean him out every 2-4 days and wash his wheel out every day. He is in a wire bar cage and marks every single bar, he climbs up the sides and puts his feet on the wheel and wees down the side of it and on everything he can see. He mashes his poo into things urinates on it and marks it with his man jam.

Can I put him in a bin cage? I heard these can help I wake up in the night with upset stomachs and feeling ill his ammonia is actually at health hazard levels and I cannot cope with it any longer. Bin cages are supposed to hold the smell in. I clean him out frequently carefresh, horse woodshavings etc I have tried everything and it doesn't work. Will a bin cage solve my problems? I can't take this any longer.... help?!

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    I would suggest an aquarium with a mesh lid. Bins can get really hot (unless they are the white or clear variety) and mice are amazing jumpers; her could possibly get out without a lid. There are ways to make bin lids, though, so you can use them as long as they are white/clear and have that mesh lid. Make sure that when you put him there, you put his brother in as well. Mice are social animals and do not like to be alone. Also, if you separate the boys for a day or more, they might not accept each other later on. Keep them in the same cage.

    The bedding you use also can affect how much it smells. Maple and hemp bedding are both good to cover up odor. Also, leaving the buck's nest unchanged when you clean out the tank will help him realize it is his territory and he need not spray as much. The more familiar the territory, the better. Another thing to remember is: a bigger cage is better. Because there are two males, they both want to show their territory and mark it out. If the cage is bigger, the don't need as much marking and therefore, wont. They can both feel safe on their side of the cage. Even males who sleep in the same house (although you should put in two, one for each mouse) will want their own territories.

    Other than that, make sure your hands do not smell of the doe mice before you hold the males, make sure their cages are not next to each other (they can smell the girls, especially when the does are in heat). If nothing helps, I would move the cage to outside of your bedroom.

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    Put him in a bin cage - at the bottom of the garden, or feed him to next-doors cat.

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