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求職信英文 (特別個案)

由朋友介紹.本來上星期在電話內約咗一個老板星期曰見工,但最後朋友打電話嚟話對方同佢講我無出現到,同埋係約左星期六的... >_<大件事.. 依家變成失約.. 又留左個壞印象..最後個老板叫我send返個CV比佢再約時間我應該點寫呢..? 要有誠意..我想話.. 好抱歉我的溝通錯誤造成日期的誤差嚟緊我的話假期會是13July 及16 July,全日任何時間和地點都可以.抱歉為你帶來不便

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    You may stress the following and try to persuade the employer believing you:

    First of all, I must express my deep apologize for the absence of interview dated xxxx.

    My schedule has the interviewing date stated on .... which is Sunday. I was shocked when I noted the mistake of making it one day later than the actual interview was missed accidentally.

    I am very regret for causing so much inconvenience for your side. I sincerely hope you can offer me a second chance for interview so I am express my gratitude directly and also demonstrate my sincerity and determination for joining your company.

    May I ask if our meeting can be held on ...... which are my holidays? Please let me know the details by return at your earliest convenience.

    Hope I can help you.

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    13July 及16 July 是否見工日期還是另有所指﹖

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