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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago

entail 和 need的分別


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    9 years ago
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    雖然兩個動詞都有「需要」的含意 但實際應用上 不適直接互通 或直接代換 entail 字面意義 : to make it necessary to do something. 做某事變得有必(需)要;有必(需) 要去做某事 以下列英美人士使用該字情境為例再怎麼代換也要稍為轉折一下 (參等號後面我的轉折表示) 而非直接以need 代換 Training for " basic nursing arts " entails a couple of months in the classroom and nine to 12 months of mentored on-the-job instruction. = Training for “basic nursing arts” makes it necessary to spend a couple of months…. Private investment is key, but private innovation entails risk-taking.=….but private innovation makes it necessary to take risk. Extreme efforts are considered necessary to keep the troops in order, and increasingly this entails use of violence. =……..this makes it necessary to use violence God expects the learned people the clergy, especially those who are informed about the religion, not to be silent about oppression. Of course, taking action against oppression entails paying a heavy price, but it will also be rewarded greatly by God.= …..Of course, taking action against oppression makes it necessary to pay a heavy price…. My job entails duties such as bringing in escaped prisoners, investigating rustlers and something my boss calls " undercover. " = It’s necessary for my job to do duties such as…. If your job entails going from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned office and back again, you can get away with wearing dark suits. = If it’s necessary for your job to go…. 再者 由以上例句可知: (1) entail這個動詞使用起來很簡潔有力 (2) 相對它也是比 “need” 較正式的動詞 (3) 使用頻率也會比need 低很多 (need約它的三十倍)

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