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what to do with a few days old pubby?

The dog is a mix boxer/pit bull and away from his mother

What to feed?

When to start training?

Anything else or advise?

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    If there is any way to get him back to his mother or back with another litter of puppies, do so ASAP. At the very least, he needs at least one other dog around to teach him proper manners and how to act with other dogs.

    You're going to need a lot of help and advice on this one. Just feeding a dog at that age isn't enough, there is a LOT of socialization and other stuff that needs to occur, too. And you've got to be extremely careful about infections, because he's not getting the immunity he needs from his mother's milk.

    I'd say, head to a pet/animal discussion forum and get some help and advice. You'll need it. The only one I know of off the top of my head is the one on Craigslist but I'll bet you can find several others with a few minutes of searching. You really might want to see if you can find a rescue to take the pup in; he'll have a MUCH better chance with them. Here's the craigslist link, see what sort of help and advice they can give you on taking care of him and socializing him properly (without putting him at risk of diseases like parvo!!!) You'll need to register a handle to chat there, it only takes a few minutes. Set up a craigslist account, add a handle, and you're good to go.


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    I will start out by saying, there is absolutely no reason for you to have a dog away from its mother at that age. They arent supposed to be seperated until they are six to eight weeks old. That being said, i do understand some circumstances require it. If you can, take the pup back to its mother. If not, keep him warm. A heating pad set on LOW ( keep him warm) would be good. Put a thick towl or blanket over the heating pad. Put a stuffed animal in the box with him so he can snuggle. And clock or anything with a "tick tick tick" sound will remind him of his mother and help him sleep. Dont hold or play with him too much, he is much to delicate for that. Feeding should happen around every two hours. Dont feed him milk, they make puppy formula. Cows milk will drain im, and eventually kill him. You'll have to burp him like a baby, just pat his back and belly gently. This keeps his system regular, and him comfortable. Newborn puppies cant pee or poo on their own so you have to help them. Simulate the mothers tongue by wetting a cloth with warm water. Rub gently to stimulate him to go. You will have to rub for a while to get him to poo. Do this several times a day, as often as you feed. That is about all I have to offer you with advice, if you have a question, dont hesitate to get ahold of me.

    Source(s): I raised three newborn puppies, and i work at the local humain society. future vet.
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    Puppies need mother dog's milk for the first 3 weeks; they can't digest anything else. Pups must be fed small amounts, around the clock. Get to a vet ASAP, but odds of puppy surviving (at only a few days old) are LOW. Rest of questions are irrelevant, if it doesn't survive.

    Source(s): 25 yrs in dogs; 14 yr vet tech
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    You can buy puppy milk at the pet store and some bottles you can feed it with. If you think it's old enough you can try putting puppy food into a dish with water or milk to make it soft for it to eat

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    you need to go to a vet clinic asap. they can help you

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