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Suicide seems like the only way out?

Sorry it's long :/

I've had a serious depression in my past and it lasted for years. Last year, I met my boyfriend and he just filled me up with joy and happiness. However, I found out that he basically cheated on me 3 times in our realtionship (no sex but touching and sexting). And now I just feel like ****. Here was the only person that I have ever trusted and loved so much but he just stabbed me in the back. I held out my fragile heart for his taking and he just shattered it. He said he's sorry and that he'll understand if I didn't want to be with him anymore but I do. I'm a weak person with very low self esteem. I've just recently smoked and cut my wrist. I'm a straight A student in normal classes with AP classes heading my way next year. I already have all the stress I can handle, I can't take any more. It's just lately suicide has been constantly on my mind and I just want to do it so bad but I'm scared.

I can't get help. Nobody cares. When I got help last time, it didn't help me. It just helped them by adding more money in their pockets.

I feel like I'm falling apart and spiraling out of control.

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    I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling.

    I think you should check out this website called

    It’s a very understanding and supportive website that deals with many problems including self-harm, depression, eating disorders (including overeating), addictions (such as drug and alcohol) anxiety (&& panic attacks, including anxiety disorders like OCD), suicide attempts, feelings and thoughts, bullying and abuse (including sexual and emotional abuse), trauma, and general mental health problems such as personality disorders, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, ect.

    You can post about your problems and gain advice and support, it’s full of caring people who are going through the same things as you are in a complete non-judgemental atmosphere, you feel a lot less alone and you don’t get stupid answers or the old ’snap out of it’, ’stop being stupid’ comments you get on Yahoo Answers. You can also reply to other people and give them support, advice and share your stories and makes tons of new friends that you can open up to and trust. Already there are over 34,000 registered members.

    They have an ‘Introductions’ forum where you can tell everyone a bit about yourself when you first sign up, you get very warm-welcoming messages to help you settle in and find your way around the site and answer any questions you may have.

    They also have ‘General Chat’ forum where you can talk about things that aren’t related to mental health, such as polls, humour and chit-chat. Also, News & debates forum where you can catch up on all the news, and give your opinions.

    The website also includes ‘Fun and Distractions’ Share jokes, funny sites, quizzes or useful distractions to help you relax and distract yourself with.

    Also they have separate forums for certain things, such as Eating Disorder Support, Self-Injury Support, Mental Health Discussions, Ranting && Venting, Serious Discussion (such as suicide), Moving Forward (recovery based), and much more.

    They even have a ‘Shop’ where you can buy bracelets that represent recovery with Self-Harm and Eating Disorders. Also, they have a ‘Games Arcade’ where you can play games to keep yourself distracted such as Pac-Man and Super Mario.

    The website also contains lots of information, how to get help, beating urges, articles to read, advice, first aid, chat (like msn with others who are suffering), Live Help (one-2-one counselling - these people are not trained counsellors, but people who are normal members of the site but go that little bit further to help others), Supporters who can e-mail anytime, day or night to gain emotional support (again not trained professionals).

    The site is free, but to in order to have access to everything available on the website you have to sign up, which only takes a few minutes. You don’t have to be a certain age to join (even if you’re 40, you can still sign up, they have a ’veterans corner’ for older members, including advice on topics more relevant to adult life such as university, long term relationships, child-care and employment) The site is open 24/7, all year round.

    A lot of people have said that Recover Your Life (or RYL for short) is a community where they feel they belong to, they are able to open up and be themselves and don’t have to hide. They come on RYL everyday as a means of escaping their problems to have a break and be able to breathe knowing it’s full of people who care and who want to help - without the worry of them telling their friends or family.

    So please have a look, I think it could really help you - especially if you can’t talk to anyone in ‘real life’ or have no one to turn to.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    (PS. You do not have to be currently ‘recovering’ to join)

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    I know it does not seem right now but there is someone out there for you that just wants to love you so much and there are good guys out there don't let the dumb choice of one guy hate all of them and if he is really sencerely sorry maybe you guys can work things out and go easy let him know what he did was wrong but don't torture him with it for years either cause that tends to push people away or i know it's terribly hard but forget about him for a while and worry about yourself try to do things that make you happy alot more often and it's ok be a little selfish but suicide is not the answer think about what you will be doing to others around you and life especially at a young age seems impossible but you have to be the strongest person you can be and pull through you will feel better than ever when you realize that you have a porpose i'n life you are not put on this earth to succeed i'n school all to just kill yourself over a boy who is not even worth your breath you have purpose and who knows maybe it's to save someone elses life. If this has not helped call a suicide hotline if need be

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    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    Sure, suicide is the answer if you want to:

    A)Go to Hell and suffer a million times worse than you do now

    B)Hurt the people who love you and care about you

    C)Miss out on the possibility of changing your life and actually being happy.

    Think about the consequences I listed. Imagine how your friends and family will react to you killing yourself. What if in X amount of time, you were destined to meet the person you'd be happy with for the rest of your life? oops, you won't meet them because you'd be dead. Think about how bad Hell will be if you suicide. Maybe right now life sucks and is painful, but you can get over it. But an eternity of suffering for killing's a no brainer.

    There are people out there who love you and need you. Go to them and let them help you.

    The only choice is to live.

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    Suicide is the end of the road and there is no taking it back or turning back.

    If you need to talk to someone, you can talk to someone like a therapist, a friend or even yahoo. I would even be willing to talk to you and let you know that there is SO much to live for. Contact me if you want to, I care.

    So many people do not have opportunities to even plan their life out, knowing they don't have much left to live and you do. Okay so he cheated on you.. your heart is broken and shattered, but is HE really that worth it to ruin your life over? Let HIM suffer by seeing how awesome and good you are WITHOUT him. He will know what it's like to lose an awesome person and he will be running back to you in no time.

    -Don't let stupid people be in the way of your living your life. You will get better, just don't do anything stupid or something that is permanent.

    Source(s): Advice from the heart.
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    When i was little, i almost DID commit suicide. i was only 9, but my parent were having a very ugly divorce and i didn't have anyone else i could turn to.

    i started talking to my favorite teacher. she helped me so much. i would go in after school three times a week and we would just talk for the longest time. i only lived a block away, so i could make it home before my mom got off work. she never knew.

    at first, talking about my problems was really scary. she was my favorite teacher and all, but i really didn't know her that well.

    Please. Don't commit suicide. think about your parents. think about your friends. if you left them, they would never be the same. your parent would probably go into the same state you are now. and you know that it sucks. don't let them suffer too. talk to your teacher, or maybe a close family member? talk to anyone. or maybe set goals for yourself. i was really depressed this year, but i set a grade goal, and it i'm still alive right now!!

    Good luck.


    you said nobody cares.

    honey, I CARE. i care about you. don't do this. you can do so much with your life.

    don't just throw it all away for some guy.

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    calm down now, not everyone can score first love easily, ask your parents. you say you are a straight A student but you feel low. you may think like that but people respect smart and intelligent people like you. i know that your academics are important to you so get it organised, make a schedule or something. im sure you have friends that are willing enough to help you out. talk to your parents or someone that is close to you. you are never alone in this world. talk to a counsellor or a psychiatrist. i know it may sound horrid but they will keep all your problems confidential. guarantee. suicide is NOT the only way out. just remember this: you only have one life, so spend it well. you still have so many more years to go. good luck and i hope this helps.

    Source(s): dad's a psychiatrist
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    I cant tell you its going to get easy, cos it may not, things might even get worse than they already are... But you seem to still have all your body parts functioning, you can always change what your tomorrow brings by doing something different

    But suicide? of course, you're frustrated and all and you're tempted to think of it every so often, but really doing it? cmon.. even us strangers care that you do not do something as dreadful.. just that little care i hope will make you rethink because things do not always stay the way they currently are

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    Think about your family and what they would want your brother or sister might hate you but they wouldn't want you to die of course Your friends would also want you to be there for them . Just watch some funny movies ; Jackass and The Hangover . You probably would think it's a lot better after you watch a few comedy . (: Just don't commit suicide :/

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    Whatever you do, do not harm yourself. It will solve nothing. It is just passing your hurt onto others.

    There is help out there, there are websites and hotlines for young people to call when they are feeling like you are. It is very normal to feel the way you do.

    I know from personal experience that things get very difficult at times, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

    It gets better, good luck. :)

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    Oh Honey your not depressed your suffering from a broken heart... time heals all wounds, suicide wont solve anything but trust me there is always someone who loves you and cares. let me ask you this.... why would you wanna throw away your precious life on some loser boy who's prob gonna wish for a girl like you one day?... he didnt know what he had but now that its gone he's gonna realize one day just how stupid a move that was.what if you became idk okay take taylor swift for example guys broke her heart and what happend they wish she would even take a second look at em now for breaking her heart. try taking up something, sports, music anything that lets it out and can help you just relax... dont let him be the one to mess you up he simply just wasnt worth it... and one day your gonna look back on this and just laugh because your better off without him and even thought you make mistakes you dont let them define who you are, let me kno if you need anyone else to talk to i'm here:)

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    6 years ago

    When you are trapped and feel there is no way out. All these embrace god and embrace therapy comments just seem to make the pain worse. Trust me I have been there.

    My thought is if you are still questioning things...are uncertain that death is a way out. Then it isn't.

    The question is the reaffirmation.

    Embrace the question and find your answer.

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