Where can I learn everything about projector specs?

A website url would be nice

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    I would start with the following resources:


    – Dictionary


    – Home Theater Projector Buyer's Guide


    [PDF] “Specifying and Assessing Projected Image Quality”


    “Understanding Contrast Ratios in Video Display Devices”


    Charles A. Poynton: Gamma FAQ


    Please keep in mind that one manufacturer’s projector specifications are not necessarily comparable to another manufacturer’s projector specifications. The bottom line is that there are really few if any typical specifications that are of value. And while you’re at it do not neglect the all important projection screen, which itself can have a significant influence on picture quality.

    If you’re lucky enough to find them the following specifications (in no particular order) are generally the most useful when it comes to higher-performance high-definition home theater projectors:

    • Native resolution: 1080p or 720p;

    • The type and quantity of input connectors;

    • Video processing performance, e.g. scaling, deinterlacing, noise reduction, etc.;

    • Post calibration/optimization Black Level;

    • Post calibration/optimization light output (not simply the maximum output only);

    • Post calibration/optimization white-point accuracy and gray-scale tracking;

    • Post calibration/optimization native ‘dark room’ *and* ambient contrast ratios: both ANSI *and* Full-On/Full-Off (at least until the industry adopts a better standardized method.) (Do not place much if any significance in Dynamic Contrast Ratio numbers);

    • Accuracy of Inverse Gamma Correction settings;

    • Effectiveness of color management system (CMS) if available;

    • Noise (in each lamp operating mode);

    • Lamp life (for each lamp operating mode);

    • Lens shift capability;

    • Lens throw;

    • Ease of servicing, particularly with respect to lamp replacement.

    As one might expect several of these specifications are the byproduct of thorough and careful testing and measurement and are rarely if ever published by manufacturers of typical home theater projectors. So your best bet is to read several reviews from an assortment of knowledgeable and reputable professional reviewers mixed with comments from prospective owners, owners, and former owners posted on various popular enthusiast discussion forums. And even after all that there is no guarantee that you will obtain performance that is to your liking but a least it’s a better process than the alternatives. And again, please do not neglect the importance of a good projection screen.


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    You can pick up a copy of Home Theater Magazine May Issue, it list just about every projector in the market with all the specs and rating for each one. Hope this will help you out.

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