How do i impress a guy?

i really like this guy and we see eachother like every do i impress/get him to like me?

2 Answers

  • 10 years ago

    7 Simple Tips on How to Impress a Guy

    1. Keep smiling always as it will melt his heart and will help relax both of you even in tense situations.

    2. Guys appreciate fun loving girls. It won’t be a bad idea to talk to your guy in a casual manner once in a while.

    3. Gone are the days when guys were always expected to make the first move. So don’t be shy and tell him what is in your heart and how do you feel about him.

    4. Not just girls but guys also like to be flattered. Dish out that occasional compliment and watch what wonders it can do.

    5. Just look at him in the eyes and smile for two seconds but do not stare.

    6. Smell good. Wear a nice perfume as it will not only make you confident but will also make the guy attracted to you.

    7. Having a certain level of intelligence and knowledge of the events happening around you will help you strike a meaningful conversation.

    Follow the simple tips given above and you will master the art of “How to Impress a Guy”.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hold his peepee.

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