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Why wasn't Ben Stiller as Mr. Hal credited in the film "Happy Gilmore"?

Hi, so I love the Adam Sandler movie Happy Gilmore. I noticed that Ben Stiller as the mean orderly at the retirement home, was not credited as a member of the cast. He had a solid supporting role in the film, so I am just wondering why he wasn't credited when lesser charecters were. If you have any thoughts ideas or information, please let me know. Thanks!

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    Ben Stiller is a close friend of Adam Sandler... Hollywood friends do this sometimes so they don't take any credit away from the main actor (who is their friend). It's a silent sign of respect to their friend. In the same way, Owen Wilson was not credited in Night at the Museum, and he's a close friend of Ben Stiller.

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    Happy Gilmore Ben Stiller

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    Ben Stiller Happy Gilmore

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    Jeff Dove and Mike Hopkins posted the same question. You should read their answers side by side.

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