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Who has the better rotation, phillies or yankees?

I think they are about even.

All of the yankee starters have an era below 3.5, except for their rookie nova. But they are in the AL and haven to face the DH. But more importantly, they are in the AL East, which has all good teams. Even the Os are decent. Also fenway, yankee stadium and the rogers centre are all hitter friendly parks

All of the phillies starters have an era below 3, except for Cliff Lee with a 3.94. However, they are in the NL, where pitchers only face 8 batters. Also all of the other teams in the NL east, except maybe the marlins, suck. And the marlins have a pretty pitcher friendly park, as do the mets.

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    There's a reason why I'm a philly fan and the rotation is part of it.

    I think the only reason lee's era is that high is because it seems like when he pitches the team doesn't help him much. But back in the 2009 WS it was only him who pitched winning games, and the Yankees got the series.

    Halladay is pretty much beast, seeing as though he pitched a perfect game against the marlins last season.

    Hamels is also really good, and I think he's the best batter out of all of them.

    Oswalt is another good starter.

    I think those "phour" are the best

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    The Phillies have a better rotation. I don't think I need to say more than that.

    But the Braves, at least as far as starters' ERA goes, have better pitching than both, although you said they sucked.

    Also, you got another fact wrong- not all of the Phillies starters have ERAs below 3. Whichever one you consider the fifth starter (Joe Blanton or Kyle Kendrick), neither has an ERA below 3, along with Lee. Despite this, they do have a better rotation.

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    NOT EVEN A CONTEST.....AT ALL i mean you got the BIG 5 in Philly....Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Blanton, and Oswalt......Yankee's have Burnett and thats about it, Yank's gotta acquire more powerful pitchers and we will see then!

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    Atlanta Braves have better pitching than both. But to answer your question, the Phillies have the better pitching. And the Braves don't "suck".

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    not even a contest... Roy Halladay alone is better then the the yankees rotation

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    the yankees rotation isn't that good, so phillies

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    whoa, flamance, are you asking a real question?? but its a stupid one. its the PHILLIES

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