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What does Half-life and Garry's mod have to do with Portal?

People keep talking about half life and black mesa and some engine. I haven't played any of the two, only Portal.

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    The Portal games are set in the same reality as the Half-life series (which are made by valve too)

    Black Mesa is a big company, just like Aperture Science, which is important in the story line of half-life. There are references to Black Mesa in the first portal (I haven't played the second yet so I'm not sure about that) and there are references to Aperture Science in Half-life 2

    Garry's mod, is a sort of game which uses the same game engine that portal and half-life use to work. In Garry's mod you can basically mess around with the different characters and props from source games you own.

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    Nothing just for gaming purposes. Half-Life was Xbox 360 game released back in bout 2006 with life situations and consequences. Garrys mod is for comedy. There is a account on youtube named Kitty something where he created Gary mods to make people laugh. They have no connection to Portal.

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