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brown v board of education to bush v gore has shown the supreme court as a imperial judiciary?

What cases between these two and including these two show imperial judiciary and if the court was showing imperialism

ex bush v gore and Supreme court's decision over florida's state court.


and example of cases in between these events would be awesome! (eg planned parenthood v casey, roe v wade, korematsu and relocation,yates v US)

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    Brown v Board was not an imperial decision because racist laws were blatantly violating the 14th Amendment. The feds have an OBLIGATION to protect life and liberty.

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    Supreme court did what is suppose to do with the Bush gore election. What horrified me, is that Liberal judge ignore the law and try to hand the election to GOre. Standard rules on statitstics states you don't change the rules just because you don't like the result. Even if the counting method is flawed you have to follow the preset rule to prevent bias from leaking in. What you do , is change the law after the count so it won't happen again. Even if we give Gore the benefit of the doubt, he can't get a recount, then change the rules of the recount, and then get another recount with another set of rules. at the most, he gets two, adn should of worked with Bush and thoroughly plan how should the recount be handled. He does not get endless recount until he gets the results he wants.

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