Will this fit in my car?

I'm wanting to get a Sunshine Radian xtsl for my daughter. She's about to hit the max weight for RFing in her Evenflo Triumph. We have a 2004 4door Nissan Maxima. Can anyone tell me if this carseat will fit RFing in my car?


The carseat she has now rearfaces until 35 lbs. The Radian rearfaces until 45 lbs, the highest rearfaciing weight limit carseat in the US that I've found. Rearfacing is a million times safer then forwardfacing. We plan on rearfacing her for as long as possible.

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    Glad to hear you're going to keep her rear facing!

    The Radian is a great seat- it fits well for 3 across, and has the highest RF weight limit in the US! But you should know before you try to install the Radian that the Super Latch ( the sl part in XTSL) is incompatible with some cars. In some cars it has known to loosen over time, or be kicked loose by a child. This incompatibility is not for every vehicle- but if you notice any loosening with the SL strap, please switch to a seat belt install. You must use the boot to install rear facing, which is a separate part that comes with the seat. In some vehicles, this causes the seat to be extremely reclined, which isn't needed for a toddler, and is sometimes enough of a bother to render the seat useless. You may NOT use pool noodles or a towel to adjust recline- anything other than the boot they provide is strictly prohibited.

    I'm not sure how the seat will fit in your vehicle, but I strongly suggest you take pictures of your installation and post them on http://www.car-seat.org/ where you will get answers to any & all questions you have about the installation for free by certified technicians (the people with the green name). You could have your installation checked by a tech near you- but many have never seen a Radian before and do not know how to install it.

    If the Radian turns out not to be compatible, I would just sell/exchange it for any number of seats with a 40 pound rear facing weight limit. Most seats with a 40 RF limit will get most children to a safe age & weight to forward face- usually at least 3 years old.

    Also- if the Radian works well (hopefully it will) your vehicle is too old to benefit from the 80 pound weight limit of the Super Latch strap- I believe this starts with cars manufactured in 2005. Read your car manual and the Radian manual to determine the weight limit for your Latch strap.

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    Best thing i did was read reviews on babies r us. If she's about to hit the max weight for her RF converertiable seat why does it it need to fit RF?

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