How important is a calculator with symbolic manipulation on the SAT and the AP Calculus exam?

Does the TI-89 make that much of a difference on the AP Calculus exam and SAT than the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition? Does it just save a little bit of time? How much time does it save by doing the symbolic manipulation for you?

Also, on the AP Calculus exam, is it easy to finish the calculator section in time? Could having a TI-89 be the difference between me finishing and not?

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    9 years ago
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    On the SAT, you only need a basic, 4-function calculator. If you reach for your calculator to do anything other than add, subtract, multiply, divide, you're being led on a wild goose chase by the test makers.

    Good luck!

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  • 9 years ago

    If you're prepared, you should be able to finish on time without a TI-89.

    On the SATs, I'd imagine having a TI-89 will certainly be a great help, though since the SAT math questions are so simple anyway, a TI-84 Plus will get you through just fine.

    For the AP multiple choice section, the TI-89 helps a lot, as a lot of the simpler questions are just plug-and-chug. On the Free Response, it's not as helpful because you need to show work.

  • leu
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    3 years ago

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