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My Boyfriend Pushed me really hard? Feel really confused and need advice!?

Ok basically I have been with my boyfriend for nearly a month and in the beginning everything was cool but reasontly he has had to stop drinking due to his kidneys so he is completely sober all of the time. The situation is getting him really down as well as other things and he seems to have become very over sensitive and gets angry and take it out on me.

Last night we were having an argument and it was not as heated at first and things were said on both sides. I tried to be the peace maker and hug him and stop the argument from going any furthur but as I lay there he wanted to know what i was doing cause i was on my phone as i couln't sleep and well anyway things got heated again and he called me some stuff that i thought you know what "get lost" so I said right im going home Im not laying next to someone who is completely cruel and won't give it a rest! So anyway I stormed out of bed and grabbed my bag and left, he followed we ended up in the hall way downstairs and he blocked the door so I couldnt leave. By this time he was really angry, shouting and so angry that it was like he was showing his teeth at me (this may be familiar) anyway I said I wont to go and he wouldnt let me so i got angry and shoved him a little so he shoved me back, I was in shock that he had retaliated, aswell when i tried to leave he punched the wall next to me while staring at me..I dont know what that means.. then I asked him again he to move and let me go and he told me to shut up but in an agressive way. finally I though i wont shove him Il just move him so i put my arms around his back to try and open the door and then he shoved me so hard that a flung back and then obviously the shock made me cry, then he started to break down..

Ive told him before when we had previouse arguments that when he gets angry it scares me cause he looks as if he could flip out at me and then last night was the first contact!

I'm confused to whether this is bad or not so bad..I dont know if Im over what he did right or wrong. If anyone has any advice on this I would apreciate it ALOT! I dont want to fear my own boyfriend..he says he would never hit me but then again he said he disagreed with shoving a women and hitting walls near women..he's done that now!


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    You should be alarmed over your boyfriend flipping out on you.

    You didn't deserve him flipping out on you.

    I pushed an ex girlfriend before.

    I'm not happy and proud to admit that I did push her.

    She's the only woman I've gone out out with that I pushed.

    I pushed her one time because I couldn't take her yelling at me so much on that day I was with her.

    That girlfriend that I pushed not only yelled at me a lot, she would criticize me a lot and make cruel jokes about me.

    She'd lie to me a lot.

    Later on in my relationship with her, I found out she would go on a personals website to find another boyfriend and would keep logs of instant message conversations with guys on laptop.

    She eventually broke up with me through text messages.

    I came close to breaking up with her a few times over how she treated me.

    I pushed her that one time because I could not take her yelling at me that day.

    I never did push her again.

    She didn't stop mistreating me a lot after I pushed her.

    I pretty much tolerated her being verbally abusive towards me as I don't see a point getting mad a lot at someone especially over little things.

    To me, it's a waste of energy getting really mad at someone.

    Unlike my ex girlfriend, you didn't do anything really wrong towards him to make him snap at you really badly.

    You've tried talking to your boyfriend about his temper but unfortunately, he hasn't made an effort to change.

    You should consider leaving this relationship as I am sure you don't want him to end up hitting you.

    I hope that this helps and please take care of yourself. I mean it. ~ Alan

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    If he is falling asleep around you and being negative It sounds like his interest level for you has dropped. Ask yourself why, is it something you are doing, or is he just being a douche? Sometimes guys get stuck and they cant grow up until they lose something close to them, then they realize their mistake and what they lost and they grow up. Its inevitable, and probably not your fault. Love is a real ***** sometimes. People suck. You can either pity yourself and cry about it, or get over it and do things that make you happy. Its always a choice to be happy or sad, there are no victims just volunteers. Realize that at this age you are better off just having fun with friends and being single, because when you invest yourself emotionally in someone else you are only going to get hurt in the long run. Better to focus on school and becoming the person you really want to be, so that later on when you meet mr right you will have your **** together and not screw it up.

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    This is pretty bad consideering you've only been together for a month and this is allready happening. He got anger problems and it could be due to him craving a drink but it needs to be sorted. Tell him how much you want to be with him but you don't want this to become a routine thing. If things don't change hannah, you HAVE to get out of it or it will become domestic abuse and you'll be too attached to him to let go

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    You haven't even been with this guy for a month?

    Definitely leave. It's only going to get worse.

    I'm sorry you even had to go through something like that.

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    hes abusive! tell someone,

    no man should EVER hit a lady... no matter what!

    go back to your parents or to a friends house and tell them what happened!

    you may want to take him to a psychiatrist to help him for one last time

    not as his girlfriend, but as a good human being

    please leave him, hes a horrible person and i wouldn't judge you if you never want to speak to him again!

    You deserve much better!

    I wish you the best of luck and i hope it all works out x

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    you've only been dating for a month; GET OUT OF THIS RELATIONSHIP before you get too attached! these are early signs of domestic abuse and it will only get worse!

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    He has an anger problem get help for him fast or move on

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