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  • 1 decade ago
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    Love is color - blind

    歌手 Sarah Connor



    white or yellow, if you're brown or red

    love is color-blind

    Verse 1:

    I was a child and couldn't understand

    discriminating all the different ones

    when you grow up you'll maybe find a way

    that everything I do comes back to me


    we're all the same, no one's to blame

    just play the game and let love reign


    white or yellow, if your brown or red

    love is color-blind

    all that matters in the very end

    love is color-blind


    I watched my neighbourhood go up in flames

    and a situation's rackin' my brain

    we need some lvoe y'all

    I mean the kids watchin'

    I mean we all bleed the same blood, man!


    better than our fathers did

    they gotta live their lives

    it's all love, baby!


    you could have been my brother

    if you were my father?

    you could habe been my teacher

    would be so nice to meet ya

    Verse 2:

    tell every boy and every little girl

    cause you're as good as anybody else

    open your mind, don't need a stick to this

    a better place without a racial curse

    2011-06-04 12:16:27 補充:

    第二首 :

    歌名 : Mi-E Dor De Noi

    歌手 : Dj Project Feat. Giulia

  • 小威
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    1 decade ago

    第二首 DJ Project feat. Giulia - Mi-e Dor De Noi

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