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Romeo and Juliet, SUPER confusing!?

So, I watched the 1996 movie version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet & I am so confused. It's like modern, but they talk as if they were in mid evil times, therefore I don't understand wtf is going on.

So, can someone explain to me what all happened?

Thank you!

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    Isn't that the version where Leonardo DiCaprio and all the other actors run around with guns and are in rival gangs. It's an awful take on it. Save yourself some time and just watch the original.

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    10 years ago

    It's supposed to be stylized and modern.

    The language is the same language as the written play so it's not exactly mid evil. Just listen to the language, it's still English.

    Id suggest you read the play. You can take it at your own pace because if you couldn't understand the movie it's not the movie that confused you it was the language.

    Tbh, if the movie wasn't modern you still wouldn't have understood it, so don't just search for another version, read!

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    Oh yeah. I hated that movie. It was off how they did that. But they use a lot of the story's actual text. You could try reading the actual one because of that. It is a lot slower paced than the movie. And if that's still gibberish to you, there's always sparknotes.

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