Opinions needed on list of girls names!! Most detailed answer will get Best Awer.? Give your honest and full?

Opinions needed on list of girls names!! Most detailed answer or rating will most likely get best answer. A good rating consists more of just a number rating out of 10. These names are of real people. Good luck, have fun and thanks for your time!!

xOxO emily ann

Samantha Michelle

Bette Amir

Samantha Rene

Talia Sydney

Morgan Paige

Allison Darcy

Amy Lynn

Baylee Read

Allison Leigh

Jaimie Pauline

Alexis Natasha

Julianne Ruth

Emily Rose

Gabriella Sabrina

Fallon Elizabeth

Jessica Hailey

Taylor Aryn

Esther Leah

Shira Elizabeth

Edden Leigh

Lindsey Eva

Sarah Regan

Alexandra Soraya

Zoey Mariah

Annastasia Lilly


Veronica Grace

Tiffany Suzanne

Madison Taylor

Preston Jacob

Emily Ann

Jacob Michael

Madeline Claire

Andrew Benjamin

Vanesa and Melisa

Marley sky and Chloe star

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    9 years ago
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    Samantha Michelle - seven. Both are strong names which work together nicely.

    Bette Amir - five. I don't mind Bette, although it reminds me of Bette Midler, but Amir is starkly out of place and somewhat ruins the name.

    Samantha Rene - six (depending on pronunciation). I like the name Samantha, but depending on whether Rene is pronounced as it's spelled, or in the French feminine form, I'm not mad keen on the middle. Renee works well enough, but Rene sounds odd.

    Talia Sydney - seven. I prefer the spelling Tahlia, but it's a nice name. Sydney's a little masculine but spelled with a 'y' it's not too bad.

    Morgan Paige - five. I don't like the name Morgan for a girl - in fact, I don't really like the name Morgan at all. Paige is cute but it seems really out of place, as I think it's a fairly girly name, so you have a masculine/girly combination and it just doesn't work.

    Allison Darcy - five. I don't really like this that much. For one, I thin Allison's a much nicer name when spelled with just one 'l', although I'm aware that doesn't affect the pronunciation. Again, Darcy is just too masculine a name for me, although I know it can be used for girls - my friend's half-sister is called Darcy, but I just don't like it.

    Amy Lynn - six. Amelia Lynn would work better, but it's quite nice as is.

    Baylee Read - two. I don't like the 'alternative spellings' like this (gosh, I sound old and fussy x) ), and Read looks like it's pronounced 'red', which sounds odd.

    Allison Leigh - seven. Again, I'd prefer Alison, but the name's not bad.

    Jaimie Pauline - five. Not a great fan. Jaimie/Jamie can be a nice name for a girl (it can work sometimes) but Pauline just sounds terrible.

    Alexis Natasha - six. I really prefer Alexandra, but that wouldn't work with Natasha. Alexandra Natalie? I don't even know if you want suggestions, heh.

    Julianne Ruth - eight. Both really strong names, and they work wonderfully together.

    Emily Rose - eight. Classic. Love it.

    Gabriella Sabrina - six. I like both names standalone, but when used together, Gabrielle Sabrina would work better, so both names don't end in the -a sound.

    Fallon Elizabeth - three. I don't like the name Fallon, for either gender.

    Jessica Hailey - seven. Very normal; nice enough, in any case.

    Taylor Aryn - two. Sounds like a boy's name and not a fan of Aryn's spelling.

    Esther Leah - ten. I adore this.

    Shira Elizabeth - five. Shira is cute if it's Japanese - otherwise, no. If it is a Japanese name, Elizabeth as the middle name doesn't really fit.

    Edden Leigh - idek. Edden? To be brutally frank, it sounds like someone saying 'I'm 'eadin' off to the pub'. What even. I like the name Eden though, which would sound lovely with Leigh as a middle name.

    Lindsey Eva - six. Lindsey is alright. Eva is lovely.

    Sarah Regan - seven. I prefer Megan or even Tegan. Sarah is another fairly normal name but its use seems to have diminished a lot since I was at school.

    Alexandra Soraya - seven. Love Alexandra. Soraya just seems like it's asking to be mispronounced. It's a nice enough name, but it doesn't really fit with Alexandra.

    Zoey Mariah - eight. Drop the 'y' off Zoey, and this name would be lovely.

    Annastasia Lilly - six. Not a fan of the double letters here. Not too bad.

    ^(SIBSETS) ^

    Veronica Grace - eight. Veronica is a great name.

    Tiffany Suzanne - five. I'm not a fan of either name, sadly.

    As a set - six. They work together well enough. Just not feeling Tiffany.

    Madison Taylor - seven. Madison is a sweet name, although I prefer Madeline, but Taylor's too overused and masculine. Bite me, Taylor Swift.

    Preston Jacob - seven. It's cute, but I keep coming back to the dog in Wallace and Gromit. Probably not the best connection to make.

    As a set - seven. Maddie and Preston is cute.

    Emily Ann - eight. As with Emily Rose, I love this. Emily is a lovely name and Ann compliments it nicely.

    Jacob Michael - eight. Such a strong name for a boy! Loving it.

    As a set - eight. Gorgeous names. Nice and normal.

    Madeline Claire - ten. I love both names, and they compliment each other beautifully.

    Andrew Benjamin - ten. Two of my favourite boys' names!

    As a set - ten. I love both names, and they work wonderfully together; refreshingly normal names.

    Vanesa and Melisa - I like the names Vanessa and Melissa (both spelled with two s') but as a sibling set, I'm not sure they work together that well. Try saying them together - people would trip over them. Instead of Melissa, you could try Melody or Melanie, if you like Mel names (if these are hypotheticals, anyway).

    Marley sky and Chloe star - Sky and Star? No. Prefer Marlene to Marley. Chloe is cute.


    I just realise how horrible and picky I sound - sorry! These are just my honest opinions.Hope this was somewhat helpful!

  • 9 years ago

    Samantha Michelle - not a big fan of either names

    Bette Amir - very uncommon, Bette is a little weird, Amir is a cute.unique middle name

    Samantha Rene - don't like either

    Talia Sydney - Talia is pretty especially with Sydney

    Morgan Paige - too common!

    Allison Darcy - I like Alexandra rather than Allison, don't like Darcy

    Amy Lynn - its ok

    Baylee Read - I like Bailey & Reed

    Allison Leigh - again, Alexandra, Leigh is ok

    Jaimie Pauline - no

    Alexis Natasha - Alexis is fine, don't like Natasha

    Julianne Ruth - cute!

    Emily Rose - pretty!

    Gabriella Sabrina - don't like Gabriella or Sabrina

    Fallon Elizabeth - maybe the other way around: Elizabeth Fallon

    Jessica Hailey - its kinda plain

    Taylor Aryn - cool spelling of Aryn!

    Esther Leah - i would never name my kid Esther. or Leah.

    Shira Elizabeth - Shira? i can't decided if i love it or hate it, Elizabeth is way too common, but pretty at the same time...

    Edden Leigh - not a big fan of Edden

    Lindsey Eva - Eva is pretty

    Sarah Regan - Sarah is too plain, Regan is pretty

    Alexandra Soraya - beautiful!

    Zoey Mariah - its ok

    Annastasia Lilly - ehh

    ^(SIBSETS) ^

    Veronica Grace - really cool name

    Tiffany Suzanne - don't like Tiffany

    Madison Taylor - don't like Madison

    Preston Jacob - cute!

    Emily Ann - pretty

    Jacob Michael -its ok

    Madeline Claire - very pretty

    Andrew Benjamin - very cute

    Vanesa and Melisa - no

    Marley sky and Chloe star - god no. sky? star? noo!

    hope i helped!

  • 9 years ago

    Starting with first name:

    1.Samantha Michelle--doesn't flow

    2.Bette Amir-- it definitely is a unique name. I have not ever heard of that name!

    3.Samantha Rene--doesn't flow--it's choppy and those names do not belong together.

    4.Talia Sydney--I like Talia--I feel like Sydney doesn't belong as a middle name.

    5.Morgan Paige--that flows nicely! It sounds like a designer name! Haha. It just isn't original or unique.

    6.Allison Darcy--ehh.

    7.Amy Lynn--dont like it.

    8.Baylee Read-- love it!! Spelling wise, I think spelling it Bailee Reed would be prettier.

    9.Allison Leigh--don't like first name. Love middle name.

    10.Jamie Pauline--ehhh... I do not like it at all.

    11.Alexis Natasha--Alexis sounds like a bratty name.

    12.Julianne Ruth--that name is classic! If you want a more older sounding name, this is it. Don't give her the nickname 'julie' though. Keep it just Julianne:)

    13.Emily Rose--it's pretty but in the movie 'the excorsist' the possessed girl's name is Emily Rose. Haha! So that name is not one to pick. Also, there are countless numbers of Emily's out there. If you want more of a unique name do not pick Emily.

    14.Gabriella Sabrina--how both names have an a at the end makes it not flow at all.

    15.Fallon elizabeth- it sounds like, fall on elizabeth! It sounds like a command and not a name.

    16.Jessica hailey-- cute. But not original.

    17.Taylor aryn- cute but odd.

    18.Esther Leah--eh.

    19.Shira elizabeth-- not cute.

    20.Edden Leigh- LOVE. IT.

    21.Lindsay Eva--nope.

    22.Sarah regan--cute middle name. Not so much for the name Sarah.

    23.Alexandra Soraya--nope.

    24.zoey Mariah--nope.

    24.annastasia Lilly-- it sounds like annastasia is an adjective describing Lilly or something like that if that makes sense haha.

    25.veronica grace--nope.

    26.Tiffany suzanne--this reminds me of a hillbilly name.

    27.Madison Taylor- nope.

    28. Preston Jacob--CUTE!

    29.Madeline Claire--nope.

    30.andrew Benjamin--nope.

    31.vanesa and melisa(too similar. And both names are gross)

    32.marley sky and Chloe star-- those names seem like they'd be in a cartoon not for a person. Honestly those are horrible. Marley reminds me of the dog off of marley and me( the movie)

    Soooooo-- overall my favorite girl name is between Baylee Read (Bailee Reed :)) and Edden Leigh (Eden Leigh:))

    My favorite boy name is Preston Jacob.

    Good luck!!! :)

  • 9 years ago

    Morgan Paige

    Julianne Ruth

    Emily Rose

    Annastasia Lilly

    Amy Lynn

    Veronica Grace

    Tiffany Suzanne

    Emily Ann

    Jacob Michael

    Love these

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  • 9 years ago

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