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Portal 2 wheat field ending?

At the end, when you walk out of the doors and go outside in that wheat field, you turn around and a beat-up-looking cube with a heart on it flies in front of you, and the screen blacks out. What was that? What just happened? It just seemed really random, is there a hidden meaning behind that? (btw, i didn't play portal 1, only portal 2).


Oh yeah, and i KIND OF get why Glados sent you outside in the field, but not really. Is she setting you free or something?

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    Well,not playing portal 1 explains why you don't understand the cube.

    In portal 1,in one of the chambers (around 16 i think) you were given a best friend;The Companion Cube.You had to use it to get through the level. You were given the cube so you wouldn't feel as lonely and you had someone to talk to (to keep you..well..'sane').

    At the end of the level,however,you had to destroy your best friend,the cube,by throwing it into the lava pit.That's how you open the door to the exit. It's stated several times how sad you are without the cube.

    (If you watch the ending scene to the end it shows you that the Companion Cube is still 'alive' tho,right next to the promised cake..which you never received.)

    In portal 2 at the end,she either gives you the cube back because she's nice,or like a previous comment stated,she wants to tell you 'take your trash with you'.

    The last few sentences Glados said were

    ''The solution to problems is usually in the simple things. Killing you,however,is not.''

    ''I thought I wanted you dead,now I just want you gone.''

    ^ Long story short:

    You escaped and ruined her plans in portal 1,then killed her.

    In portal 2 you came back (forced to actually) and she revived herself,but when you encounter her you cause her to lose her body and she gets put in a potato..and pecked by a bird..

    ALL that happened because she wanted to kill you. So she let you go so you couldn't cause her any more trouble.

    Source(s): Played both games,made some research on them and loved the songs :>
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    Portal Ending

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  • No, She's just setting you free,I don't think that have some hidden secret behind that.

    The Cube is always with you during the game, maybe she is just trying to say, go out and take your trash with you or something like that.

    or maybe she wants you to do more chalenges, in outside.

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    SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS to be honest i think it that if you have played portals 2 you know that GlaDos is caroline. and just hear me out...chell is Caronlines daughter. wich would meake her the daughter of cave jonhson. this is VERY WELL backed up by in the "bring you daighter to work day part of the story" Valve makes you think that its not important. but in the tangled tree one. Chells name is on the board

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    Yes, GLaDOS is setting you free, if you pay attention to the story, she gives up and figures you're to much to handle.

    The cube is the Weighted Companion Cube.

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    plus, its night time when you shoot it to the moons but when you reach the surface its day. my theory is that that part of the facility may have been lower to the ground than the rest maybe. idk lol

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