Cyclocross Bike Build Advice?

I bought this bicyle's bike frame & fork.

I'm scouting out what wheels/rims to buy for my build but I'm not familiar with brands and value. Just looking for some input. I plan to buy the major components then work with my local bike shop to put it all together. Would like to find something on ebay or CL for no more than 400$.

I live and almost exclusively ride in NYC, I got the Cyclocross frame for weekend/vacation trail runs.

Also, was thinking about bullhorn handlebars, any thoughts/concerns? Suggestions?

I'm pretty new to this and trying to learn as I go. if you have any advice about this endeavour would love to hear it.

O and should the cups for a headset be locked securely into the frame or is alright if they are loose and become tightened when the fork is attached.

Thanks in advance.


the budget for my WHEELS is 400$...

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'll answer your last question first. That bike uses an "integrated" headset. There are no cups in an integrated headset. What you are describing as cups are actually the cartridge bearings. The headtube in your frame is milled to allow these cartridge bearings to precisely fit, though the movement your describe is normal. Your headset is fine.

    You can get a good wheelset built for $400. There's no reason to take a chance on feebay or c-list for wheels. If you don't believe your LBS can build up a good set of wheels for you (many can't, actually), you have numerous online options with great reputations.

    One example that I think would be terrific for your described use would be:

    Fr hub: Ultegra 6700 32h

    Rr hub: Ultegra 6700 36h

    Fr rim: Velocity Dyad 32h

    Rr rim: Velocity Dyad 36h

    Spokes: Either DT Swiss Competition 2.0-1.8 or Wheelsmith DB14 2.0-1.7

    Brass nipples

    Pattern: 3x

    The above handbuilt set is $380 from Universal Cycles. The slightly wider (24mm outer) width is a great platform for mounting 28-35mm tires. I frequently run 30 & 32mm tires on Dyads and really like the benefits of the wider rim. This would be a pretty tough wheelset without weighing a ton. Velocity also makes the very similar A23 rim that would be another option (add $10/set), but I'd opt for the tougher Dyad for your purposes.

    Other online sources would include Colorado Cyclist, Speedgoat, Longleaf Bicycles, and Peter White Cycles. Why don't you call Peter White on Monday and ask him what he thinks; I bet he'll recommend something similar.

    Bars are a personal choice. I'd be fine with bullhorns on a city bike, especially a fixed/ss or commuter. But I'd much prefer drops for anything I'd take on trails. Like I said...personal choice.

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  • 9 years ago

    Your budget and expectations are not realistic. It is never cheaper to build a bike from parts unless you already have most of the parts you need on hand. Bullhorn handlebars are very limited on any bike, drop bars are much more versatile. You might pull this off if you had years of experience with bikes, but as a newcomer to this you will not come anywhere near to putting a bike together anywhere close to your budget. Sell the frame and buy a bike

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  • John M
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    9 years ago

    It would have been much cheaper to buy a complete bike. You are going to have 3 times the cost of a new bike in it by the time you are done.

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  • midcap
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    4 years ago

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