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The Hobbit: Smaug pronunciation?

You know in the hobbit, the dragon's name is smaug. I've always thought it was pronounced like Smog, but today somebody said they thought it was smoug ( pronounced like ow). Does anyone know the correct way to say it?

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    Thank you for asking this question, as it caused me to correct the way I have been saying it for years.

    I have always said 'Smawg' and as one answerer noted, this is appropriate given Tolkien's subtle but apparent humor. However, alas, the spelling must be enough to convey the appropriate humor, for Appendix E of The Lord of the Rings reveals:

    'au (aw) as in loud, how and not as in laud, haw'

    So, Smaug is technically pronounced 'Smoug.' :(

    It makes me sad. However, I cannot dispute Tolkien. He was a student of languages and created several of his own, and it would not be in keeping with his overall consistency to depart from his own pronunciation guides in this instance.

    Source(s): Lord of the Rings, Appendix E by J.R.R. Tolkien
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    I have always pronounced it smog and, to me, it makes a little sense as a form of Tolkein's humor, naming a fire breathing dragon so it's name is pronounced like the toxic residue of of internal combustion.

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    It is pronounced like "smog."

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