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The X-men series history?

I recently began watching my favorite childhood cartoon series. But I wonder, do we get to know the x-men as I would have known if I have read the series?

Also I remember some of the episodes as teenagers? but I don't think this is the same years, if not which series is this? I would be very pleased to get help :)

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    9 years ago
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    The X-Men comic books are not all that well-defined in terms of storyline and character development. Depending on which book you had picked up, you may have gotten a different iteration from what you're familiar with on television. Each writer/artist/editor liked to put their stamp on the series, often altering what had been done before, and Marvel initiated several reboots and alternate storylines to increase sales.

    There have been five X-Men animated attempts (six if you count the anime as two separate series) :

    "Pryde of the X-Men" (1989)

    This pilot was never picked up for a series. It had the best animation (also used in the X-Men arcade game), but some of the voice characterizations were laughable.

    "X-Men: The Animated Series" (1992-97)

    This, I assume, is the series you refer to as favorite, and is commonly regarded as best and most faithful to the original comic books. Being the longest, it also featured the most guest stars. Many of the episodes were actually condensed rewrites of the comic storylines, including 'Days of Future Past' and the epic 'Dark Phoenix Saga'.

    "X-Men: Evolution" (2000-03)

    This incarnation put the characters in their high school years. It was geared toward a younger audience, and adhered less to the original storylines (and less to the laws of physics).

    "Wolverine and the X-Men" (2008-09)

    This series was criticized for not abiding by established character personalities (Wolverine is a leader and Cyclops is a depressed loner), and vacillated between present and future settings, with Prof. X communicating between the two time periods.

    "Marvel Anime" (2011), is a reboot in Japanese animation form, focusing on "X-Men" and "Wolverine", currently with 12 episodes each. These are not yet on video.

    By the way, you would get more answers to this question if you ask in the "Comics & Animation" category:

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  • 4 years ago

    you probable want the "mandatory" books. they are super, phonebook-like collections of ask your self comedian books. each and each holds approximately twenty themes, expenditures seventeen money and are in black and white. they're some distance from "extreme-high quality", yet they provide you what you like. With the X-adult adult males, this is complicated, in spite of the undeniable fact that. what's fairly the "Uncanny X-adult adult males" comedian is bought as "X-adult adult males", and the unique "X-adult adult males" comedian has the 1st volume bought as "Uncanny X-adult adult males", and the 2nd bought as "classic X-adult adult males". you may seem for "mandatory X-adult adult males Vol. one million". This while X-adult adult males fairly took off and grew to alter into commonplace. It additionally presented the characters you're probable frequently attentive to, which includes Wolverine and hurricane. of direction, those are from the Nineteen Seventies. greater recent comics are way, far greater complicated. commonplace titles frequently have 5 - 6 offshoots, with the unique seldom being the ultimate. Then they have bypass-overs that embody all important comics. maximum cutting-edge comics are made for nerds who could have each physique with the aid of fact with out that 3 money burning of their wallet they had could get a job, an house and use it to purchase a gallon of milk. Ever stroll right into a comedian keep? The Simpson's "comedian e book guy" may be humorous, yet that elitist sort of nerd is in lots of circumstances a actuality. In different words, cutting-edge comics are a multitude that are ultimate heading off.

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