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can you help me understand this family tree?

i want to learn about Eva showers. but this is all it says about her and i cant understand it. "98.6a1f Evaline 'Eva' A. SHOWERS b. Jun 1881, Berkeley Co., WV, m. 20 Apr 1921, Berkeley Co., William Hayes BOWERS b. 1875, PA, s/o David H. and Eliza BOWERS. (WVBE1)" any kind of help would be great.

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    Somewhere in the book is person number 98, who had 6 or more children. a1f may mean her ancestor, child #6 of person #98, had multiple spouses and she was born to the first spouse. It may not. 1f might be the 1st child of person 98.6, and might not. "f" could mean someone is 5th for something; 5th spouse, 5th child; it could mean Eva was female.

    Everything beyond 98.6 is conjecture; you'd have to see the book to know the author's coding scheme. It is obviously a coding scheme, where every person has a unique number based on their ancestry, and if you can get the book, you can find her parents. (Even 98.6 is conjecture, but I'd bet 10:1 she is the 6th child of person #98.)

    It is much more common to see numbers; in "Descendants of John Kablonski", if you saw "" next to someone, it would mean the person was the 7th child of the 5th child of the 3rd child of John, who would be "1".

    Evaline was born and married in Berkeley County, West Virginia on those dates. Her husband William was the son of David and Eliza Bowers. WVBE1 looks to me to be an abbreviation for a source, W-est V-irginia BErkeley (county) #1; if I was betting, I'd bet it was a book of Berkeley County Marriages. At the end of the book this came from should be a list of sources, listed by their abbreviations.

    As an extract it isn't much help. It is not worthless - you could check Evaline in other sources. If you could get the original from which it came you might find it was a treasure.


    William and Eva's marriage record is in (free)

    twice. Her parents were George and Nancy Showers. Here is George in 1880


    Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

    George E. SHOWERS Self M Male W 34 VA. Farmer VA. VA.

    Anna SHOWERS Wife M Female W 30 VA. Keeping House VA. VA.

    Rena SHOWERS Dau S Female W 12 WV. At Home VA. VA.

    Frederick SHOWERS Son S Male W 9 WV. At Home VA. VA.

    Margaret SHOWERS Dau S Female W 6 WV. At Home VA. VA.

    James SHOWERS Son S Male W 4 WV. At Home VA. VA.

    Josephine SHOWERS Dau S Female W 2 WV. At Home VA. VA.

    Laura DUNMORE Other S Female B 19 VA. Nurse VA. VA.

    Anthony MINOR Other S Male B 22 VA. Works On Farm VA. VA.

    You'll note they have 5 kids. Eva will be born in 1881.

    The 1880 is also free. Nancy is probably Nancy Ann, but it'd possible she died and George remarried.

    They are still in Arden in 1900. GE and Nancy have been married for 34 years. She's borne 10, 9 survive, so the 1880 Nancy and the 1900 Nancy are both Eva's mother. In some regions Ann, Anne, Nan, Nancy and Anna are interchangeable.

    G E Showers 55

    Nancy Showers 52

    Mary V Showers 32

    James A Showers 24

    J T Showers 21

    E A Showers 18 <<< Eva.

    Louise Showers 15

    Philip Showers 13

    Nancy Showers 11

    Will Fairfacks 55

    R L Nicademus 23

    Eva's middle name was Alburtis, according to one of the marriage records. If I was Evaline Alburtis, I'd tell people to call me "Eva" and sign things "E A" too.

    We still don't know if person 98 in the book is Eva's mother or father. The book may be "Descendants of Johns Showers", or "Descendants of Nancy Ann -----" or "Pioneers of Berkeley County". I'd bet 5:1 it is "Descendants of" someone, though. It may not be as grand as a book; it could be a 30-page manuscript typed in the 1940's.

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    This is them in the 1930 census. Maybe it will help.

    Name: Eva Bowers

    Home in 1930: Martinsburg, Berkeley, West Virginia

    View Map

    Age: 48

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1882

    Relation to Head of House: Wife

    Spouse's Name: William H Bowers

    Race: White

    Household Members: Name Age

    William H Bowers 55

    Eva Bowers 48

    This might be Eva

    Name: E A Showers

    Home in 1900: Arden, Berkeley, West Virginia

    Age: 18

    Birth Date: Jun 1881

    Birthplace: West Virginia

    Race: White

    Gender: Female

    Relationship to head-of-house: Daughter

    Father's name: G E Showers

    Father's Birthplace: West Virginia

    Mother's name: Nancy Showers

    Mother's Birthplace: West Virginia

    Marital Status: Single

    Occupation: View on Image

    Neighbors: View others on page

    Household Members: Name Age

    G E Showers 55

    Nancy Showers 52

    Mary V Showers 32

    James A Showers 24

    J T Showers 21

    E A Showers 18

    Louise Showers 15

    Philip Showers 13

    Nancy Showers 11

    Will Fairfacks 55

    R L Nicademus 23

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    You don't have a family tree there, you have limited facts.

    Standardized genealogy programs use accepted numbering systems, their files are gedcom format and can be traded with anyone. Then you have folks who are more into programming, don't WANT to use standard programs, and make up their own system. Unless you have the ENTIRE file, it is meaningless. You can contact the person who created it (unless he died/ has new email), and he will spend 3 weeks trying to explain it.

    You have her birth date, her marriage date, her husband, and his parents.

    I don't reccomend personally built numbering systems. They cause just what you are experiencing.

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    b. means born

    s/o means son of

    Co. means county

    98.6a1f must be temperature or something

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