books and arthurs dealing around theses people.?

i need books and new arthurs that read and write like these people and their books

-anne rice

(vampire saga, and cry to heaven)

-stephen king

(cell and firestarter)

-ellen hopkins

(impulse and burned)

and i like books about angels, but not the kind that are so religious i might as well be reading the holy book. i want it to be romantic/adventure, but still have a touch of angel.

so if you can please recemend book like these and their arthurs, that would be very nice, thank you.


aeriously people sorry for misspelling the damn word, so get off my case okay? you know what i mean, so dont be rude about it. some people have problems spelling okay?

Update 2:

i ment seriously.

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    10 years ago
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    My name's not Arthur

    Hush Hush


    EDIT: Know. You "meant" seriously. And no one is on your case. Stop being so defencive. You made a mistake. Fine. But you keep on repeating them. Not fine. Learn from them and use the damn spellchecker next time that actually warns you when you have misspelled!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The as quickly as and destiny King via T.H. White and The e book of Merlyn additionally via T.H. White are large. while you're pleased with analyzing older literature i prefer to advise sorting out: Chretien de Troyes who wrote some magnificent Arthurian romances (from the 1300s). Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur (from the 1400s). Alfred, Lord Tennyson's The Idylls of the King (from the 1800s)

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