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How to get closer to a guy friend pleased help?

So I'm friends with this guy I like and I wanna become closer friends like we don't hug, we don't have each others phone numbers but we are friends on msn and stuff but how do I get closer to him, like without asking directly for a hug or his number or anything??thanks x

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    Start positioning yourself closer to him over the next few weeks. When you sit next to him, sit a little closer than before. When he says something, lean toward him a little to listen. When you stand next to him, stand a little closer. Slowly close the distance between you and him over the next 2-3 weeks. If he moves away when you move closer, stop moving in and return to a distance he was comfortable with for a couple of days, then continue closing in on him. When you can maintain a distance that would be uncomfortably near for anyone else, start touching him. Lightly touch his arm from time to time when you talk to him. This will make him jump away at first, so do this infrequently at first and then more often as he stops jumping and becomes accustomed to being touched. As he becomes less skittish, leave your hand on him longer when you touch him. Again increase this gradually, until you can touch him when you want for as long as you want without him running away or fainting or anything.

    If at this point he hasn't given you his phone number or clumsily tried to hug you or otherwise shown some romantic interest in you or at least tried to pursue you, he's just not interested in you, or maybe isn't ready yet to be interested in any girl that way. Too bad, but not a complete loss - he'll probably do at this point anything you ask him to do (but don't take unfair advantage of the poor thing).

    Think of it as trying to sneak up on a rabbit. Like guys, rabbits are very skittish, very uncertain of what is going on and very worried that they'll do the wrong thing and be eaten. (Maybe not eaten, but socially humiliated, which is actually worse than being eaten if you're a guy.) Guys are also about as smart as rabbits, at least romantically, so if you approach them slowly and give them time to get used to you, eventually they'll let you walk right up to them and pet them, even if you're a mountain lion with big, sharp teeth. (That's a little unfair; rabbits are actually a bit smarter than that.) So, if you move slowly and don't threaten your prey, you'll be able to get as close to him as you like. With luck, he'll want you to get closer, too.

    "Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits."


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    sorry deary but if you dont make a move now hell move on guys like it wen a girl/guy isnt afraid to ask them stuff. like numbers and hugs. I always did!! and i always got huggs in return :) and i wasnt popular at all neither very pretty wen i was in school but lol i was just lucky enuff to have awesome guy friends :)

    good luck :)

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    Talk to him, complement him, and asking for a hug or his number isn't at all weird or stupid,

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    You should take some more time with him rest all will happen as he will soon fall in love with you if you show him extra love.

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