Can you only get music on your phone with Spotify Premium or will Spotify Unlimited be okay? How easy is it?

I really want to put my Spotify playlist on my phone so I can only do that with Spotify Premium, right? Also, how easy is it to move the playlist to an iPhone? Do I need to delete my iTunes playlist to make room for the spotify one or will it merge both playlists and not add any doubles?


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  • 10 years ago
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    Yes, you need Spotify Premium to stream the music on your phone and ipods what so ever.

    You login with your regular Spotify account so all of your playlists will already be there. You can edit your playlists on your phone as well. You don't need to delete your iTunes playlist. All of your songs you imported in iTunes will be put on the iPod section of your iPhone.

    Since Spotify is a application you download from the App Store (for free) all of your Spotify music will be saved there and not on your iPhone. So you simply start the program and log in and all of your stuff will be there including your playlists and your starred songs.

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