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lampard vs gerrard, robinho vs ronaldinho, messi vs c.ronaldo, iniesta vs kaka, sergio ramos vs dani alves,?

ashley cole vs fabio coentrao, cech vs casillas, rooney vs villa

which ones are better? reason. thnx :)

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    Lampard (when Gerrard becomes the active PL leader in goals AND assists he can compare to Lamps. he doesn't even have half)

    Ronaldinho (one shows up for his club, the other shows up for his country, too bad for Robby they play way more games for club)

    Tie. you can't fairly pick between "best players in the world" 1A and 1B

    Tie. don't forget what Kaka did for AC Milan. he almost singlehandedly won them the CL in 2007

    Ramos by a country mile




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    Lampard is better than Gerrard, Gerrard is an old style player and one of the reasons why England don't do well in big tournaments, they need more players like Barry, Lampard and Wilshere as a midfield three they keep the ball better.

    Ronaldinho is miles better than Robinho, Robinho is a one trick Pony compared to Ronaldinho, Ronaldoinho is a much more Intelligent player and is by far all round better even in the twilight of his career.

    Messi is out of this world compared to Ronaldo, i do not need to explain.

    Iniesta, he is a better passer, but at one stage Kaka was better.

    Dani Alves is slighlty better, i do not really rate either of them.

    Cole is all round better than Coentrao.

    Cech is far better than Casillas, he makes more vital saves.

    Villa is better than Rooney, he is a better finisher and he was top scorer at the world cup.

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    Gerrard- Inspiring, Pace, Creative

    Robinho- because ronaldinho has gone rubbish

    Messi- Pure magic

    Iniesta- Creative, good thinking. team player- Kaka at Milan was better now doesn't get enough playing time

    Ramos- Faster, more experinced

    Cole- Faster, good awareness

    Casillas- Best goalkeeper in the world

    Villa- Good at finding the back of the net

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    Sergio Ramos

    Ashley Cole



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    Lampard (Has more Important goals)

    Robinho (Ronaldinho kinda lost his touch now)

    Messi (He's proven he's the best this year and not Goal/Fame-hungry like C.Ron)

    Iniesta (Sad to see Kaka loose form :( )

    Ashly Cole (he's still got it man!! best LB in the world!)

    and as for the Cech VS Cassilas

    Cech is still 28 and WILL improve more after reaching 30+ GKs generally enter their prime around that time so no comparisons ther

    and lastly Villa (other than City and Chelsea goal Rooney didnt do much this season and shown he has no loyalty for anyone)

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    1.Gerrard is perhaps the most complete player ever seen. His defensive ability is far better than lampard so overall Gerrard is better player.

    2. On form ronaldinho is better-he is very tecnical, creative and good free kick taker.

    3. Messi is better than c.ronaldo because of his passing abilities but c.ronaldo is complete player so overall messi is better player.

    3. On form kaka is a bit better than iniesta. His preformence against man u Is the reason.

    4.Alves is good player but sergio ramos is super-player.

    5.cole is better because fabio is very young with less experience.

    6.casillas is the best goalkeeper ever. He is world cup, european cup winner, uefa cl winner.

    7.rooney is far better because he creates alot of chances something villa can't.

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    Gerrard. Can do everything Lampard can do, but on top of that he has a spectacular defencive game. Also his leadership is one of the best in the League.

    Ronaldinho. Maybe not as clear cut recently, but overall his attacking gameplay is so much stronger than that of Robinho's. Sure at the moment Robinho does have pace over Ronaldinho, but I still think Ronaldinho has got that talent in his dribbling, the vision, set up play and overall ability in front of goal.

    Cristiano. Crazy talent. Many think it's easy to rate Messi over him, but I still think Cristiano is the better player (not bringing Messi down of course, he's a freak in his own right). But Cristiano can do the lot. Everything you want in a player. The big build, technical ability, speed, clinical finishing (from anywhere with any foot), vision and his set pieces.

    Iniesta. Currently any way. Blistering pace and dribbling ability, can cut through anyone on the field. First class passing, shooting, vision, positional play and technique. Kaka can possess all of this in his own right, but recently he hasn't been able to show it.

    Sergio Ramos. Best right back on the planet. Reason for this being his balance in play. No other right back compares to him when it comes to balance. He'll be up at the opponents corner flag delivering a top class cross and in no time he'll be back marking someone in his own half. Sure Dani Alves does do this, but when it comes to pure defending Sergio is a class act. Something Dani Alves is great at, but still not at the same level as Sergio. Would say as an attacker Alves is better, but not as an overall fullback.

    Cole. Coentrao is great and still young. But Cole has been one of (if not the) best left backs in the world for several years now. Both possess similar styles of play, but going down to Cole's experience and execution, I think he easily takes it out.

    Casillas. Best Keeper in the world. Cech hasn't been his old self on a consistent basis for several years now. Casillas gives his all game after game and excells. Not to mention winning the World Cup as captain.

    Rooney. Immense work rate. Can do what Villa does. Has the speed, technical ability, clinical finishing, positioning and set up play that makes him one of the best in the world. Villa is great, but his ability isn't shown at club level consistently as it is at International level.

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    Vs....better than the other

    Ronaldinho in his prime.

    C Ronaldo as unlike messi his skill is natuaral not HGH assisted. but Kaka 2007 was hard to top.

    Ramos...just better

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    Sergio Ramos

    Ashley Cole (Come on!!!)


    Wayne Rooney

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    gerrard (more assists, more creative, fitter, more inspiring)

    ronaldinho (he's not an as*hole)

    messi (pure magic)

    iniesta (he thinks more lol)

    ramos (i know his mistakes come really often bevause he tries to score too, but his velocity and his stamina are impressive)

    cole (experienced, faster)

    cech (class)

    rooney (villa needs the team in order to perform. united needs rooney in order to win. that's how it goes.)

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