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How much does a David Archuleta concert cost?

My brother is going to pay a concert for me if I lose weight but he wants to know how much would it cost. Please Yahoo Answers people! Help me!! I lost weight and I don't know where or when his next concerts are or how much do they cost!

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    Sorry - used to be $40,000 to get your own David Archuleta concert. Not sure what it costs now.

    Or do you mean he will take you to a David Archuleta concert? David will be in SE Asia next and the tickets seem to vary there from free for buying some product to bigger concerts with seats from $50-200 (the $200 may include a VIP)

    For the US he has a Myrtle Beach concert recently (free) and the next one is the Freedom Festival at the Stadium of Fire in Utah (but David is not the headliner - Brad Paisley is - so David only gets 1/2 hour.)

    After that he heads to Asia. Then we are hoping hoping for a fall or pop+holiday tour. His US tours usually have ticket prices from approximately $35-65? And you need to follow the fan sites like ArchuletaFanscene and FansofDavid so you will know about tours in plenty of time and know exactly when tickets go on sale for one near you - tickets can go really fast.

    And a weight loss tip - definitely don't drink non-diet sweet drinks and sodas - they have so much sugar. That Sprite Zero is decent for a zero carb soda. And try to cut way down on carb-snacking (cookies, pretzels, potato chips, candy etc), and at meals eat more meat and veggies and only take small portions of white starches like potatos, pasta, rice.

    And a treat - did you see this video of David singing Blackbird in Myrtle Beach?

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