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Another question about MacBook pro. Is it worth it?

Ok I have done alot of research on MacBooks. I have a decent understanding of the hardware. Like the processors. Iv asked quite a few questions on here already about this already. So here is yet another one. This is based more on reviews I guess. Like personal experience.

With pc(windows) they upgrade their software and EVERYTHING changes correct? Like word and all that. With apple when they upgrade their software do they change a lot of things? How does up grading work on macs, please explain.

Next I'm going to shell out the extra 100-200 to upgrade from a Mac book to MacBook pro just for the looks. I figured I'm spending this much might as well get the best I can.

Now I'm wondering if I should get the low end or high end 13 inch one. I will be using my computer for school. I'm in high school but taking advanced classes so I will be typing alot of papers and presentations. I will do a little bit of recording like garage band, and possible some vary basic video editing. Gaming will be bare minimum. I would play games like Sid meiers games. Games like that if any. Plus I will have iTunes of course. The only Internet surfing would be YouTube, and research for papers and email. Now with this being said could I just use the low end MacBook? Or will I just barely be getting by. My dad says I should get as much memory and all that as I can but, idk if I NEED all that. I mean this is a large investment. On one side I'm thinking if I don't need it I shouldn't spend the extra 400 dollars, but then again I'm thinking im spending 1300 dollars as it is should I keep going just so I'm not limiting myself. Idk it's a big delema please share your story and ideas and all that.

I realize I am asking for long answers so if you can answer I will be extremely gratefull. Thanx so much in advance

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    Get at least 4 gig of RAM for your Mac.

    To get updates, your computer needs to be connected to the internet before doing the following:

    To update Mac OS, click the Apple menu (the equivalent of the Start menu) and choose Software Update (the equivalent of Windows Update).

    To update Microsoft Office, open any Office application and choose Help > Check for Updates.

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    the step up will add another 2-4 years on the usable life of the computer due to more RAM and a better graphics card.

    Mac upgrades arent too hard. The previous OS called Leopard looks exactly the same as todays OS Snow Leopard. Theres a new one coming out in the summer and it still looks exactly the same, called Lion. So all mac upgrades are internal. the UI stays the same most of the time.

    Macs are overall easier to use than windows. Its a better computer. PC fanboys will say how the hardware looks weaker but the truth is it doesnt matter. Macs dont need hardly any RAM or HDD to run and the OS has its own processing core called the EFI so its alot more powerful than the specs appear to be.

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    If you get a Mac laptop, then get the Pro for a couple hundred more. They are better hardware and will hold their value longer.

    Low end is low end, even on a PC.

    A MacBook Pro will run Windows 7 and OSX at the same time. You just need to buy a license for 7 and get Virtual Box from Oracle for free. Macs are Intel PC hardware all the way. Apple charges more because they make money selling the hardware, Microsoft makes money selling software.

    Wait a year and then max out the memory yourself. Apple overcharges for ram big time. If you wait a while the price from resellers will come down. I got two 4 gig chips for $130 and did it myself.

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    simply Macbook pro would be better altyhough a bit heavy,,,, should work fine for games

    you should use both operating systems Windows nd macosX... that would be better

    also considering the better battery life,,,,,,,, with better screen ..... u should go for it. Movies videos and stuffs like that would be real treat on that. if u r looking for decent entertainment... Simply go for it

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    in case you may arise with the money for a Macbook professional, this is an exceedingly good selection. they are the ultimate for my area. you additionally can purchase them used in school surplus shops, or in places like Amazon, or Ebay.

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