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Chances Of Getting Into Pepperdine University?

Hi, Im going to be a Senior next year and i really want to start getting informed about college etc. Here is a list of some of the schools I've been looking at and any info regarding them would help out.

Pepperdine University

University of Southern California

San Diego State

UC San Diego

Sacramento State

Cal Poly SLO

Also back to my question, I really want to go to Pepperdine University so what are my chances if...

GPA: 3.72

Top 9% of class of 670 students

SAT Score: 1720 [530 Critical Reading 590 Math 600 Writing] [10/12 on Essay]

ACT not taken yet.

First Generation Student



Incredible Amount of Community Service

Deeply Involved with my Church

AP Courses: 8

Honors: 4

Low Income Family

Extra Curricular Activities:

President of Hollister Angels Youth Ministry all 4 years [church group]

Treasurer of League of United Latin American Citizens [LULAC]

Fundraising Chairperson of Student Government

Member of Club Ed, MECHA, French Club, Adelante

I am a Minister of the Eucharist in my Church

and like isaid im incredibly involved in community service

I will attend a Migrant Education Conference in UCLA this summer as well as a couple other workshops in the school and outside

I have won the National Philanthropy Award in My county

so in a nutshell this is me and i would appreciate any info on the subject...

Sorry for the length. Thanks!

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    I would say 44.2% chance of getting in.

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