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How to access Darknet via Tor?

Today, my friend told me about a section of the internet larger than what is normally accessible via browser, called Darknet. We then proceeded to make a bunch of Metroid Prime 2 jokes, but that's beside the point. Anyway, he said it is only accessible via Tor, a completely anonymous browser thing. Well, I wanted to see what this "Darknet" was like, so I downloaded Tor.

But I have no idea how to get to Darknet.

Any help?

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    If you don't know how to get there at this point, do not go there.

    Don't get me wrong, there are some good things there (Lots of information, freedom of speech in foreign countries, etc.) but for the most part, only back things are there. To sum it up, it is for the most part a collection of everything wrong with the world to day...

    Common on the darknet/deep web:

    -CP (Once again don't go looking if you don't know what this is) - It's basically a pedo hangout

    -Hacking (Anonymous et.all... chances are that you will get hacked if you dig around to much)

    -Drugs & Black market (I've even heard assassins can be hired on there)

    Once again I repeat DO NOT GO THERE! I am not joking when i say only bad things will come of it.

    I only see three possible outcomes:

    1. You get arrested - the reason TOR is required to access it, is because governments don't want you to see what is on it...for a reason

    2. You get hacked or worse

    3. You see things on there that no person should have to see - trust me, there are things on there you will get nightmares from

    You may think that I am trying to scare you, trust me I am not

    This is no joke

    I am trying to protect your health (mental & physical) and your legal freedom

    Especially if you don't know what your dealing with (neither of us probably do) do not go on the darknet

    It's hidden for a reason

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    Download Tor for whatever OS and/or bit version you need. Go to the Dark Wiki from there for some links to other websites, it gives a brief description of the website and stay away from Twitter and anything with candy, hard or hardcandy in it. And some of the links on the Dark Wiki may not work anymore, and may I ask what it is you're looking for in particular on the DeepWeb and/or DarkNet? Is it hacking forums? Are you pursuing Cicada 3301? If so I can offer some insight but I WILL NOT help you find anything to do with drugs or child pornography. I do not condone that bullshit and if that's what you're looking for your *** will be swatted eventually.

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    How To Access Darknet

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    Yes I agree with what's been said so far

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    It takes 7 seconds for the Y.A. webpage to display for me to be able to click on the [add your answer] box. thus, is my laptop slow?

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    If you are new to the darknet, please go to this website: http://wikitor74em2u6rq.onion/Talk:Shopping#Scams and have a good read before you make any decisions you may regret later.

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    want to go to the dark net how do I get there

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