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Plzz answer my question! Its Important!?

Me and my mom r in a fight. Im 14 and I have a friend who is also 14. Me and my friend say that kids our age go out and go shoppiung and hangout at the movies and stuff, but my mom says u sit down at the house and play board games. Who is right? me or my mom?

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    You're right, you should be able to. I wanted to, but my dad is a retired cop, so he'd seen a lot and is very overprotective. I'm almost 17 and he's just now letting me do stuff lol.

    Just realize that she doesn't wanna hurt or upset you. In fact, it's the exact opposite; she doesn't want anyone hurt you. There's some freaks in this world, as I've learned first hand. You gotta be careful. I sure hate how my dad is, but one day when I have a family, I'll probably do the same.

    It's frustrating, I know. In school, we see things and hear things all the time. Parents just don't wanna tell themselves we know more than they've allowed us.

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    Haha. Your Mom Just WISHES Kids That Age Did That Stuff Lmao.

    Im 16....I Go Shopping And Go Out And Stuff Like Thatt.

    ~Nicole :)

    Source(s): 16 Years Old. :D
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    you are really right.. im 2 years younger than you and i dont play board games...

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