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Pregnant and in the hospital with excruciating rib and back pain. What is this and should pain killers be used?

My friend was admitted to the hospital last night. She is 21 weeks pregnant with her second child. Around 2 am she had excruciating pain in her upper abdomen. She said it felt like her ribs were being ripped apart which caused her back to feel like it was on fire.

The hospital ran urine and blood tests. They took a sonogram of her and the baby and nothing seems out of the ordinary. 2 doctors said her pain sounds like it could be a gallbladder problem, but they never really settled on an actual problem.

She was given morphine, even though the doctor stated there is no good research on the effects of morphine on a fetus. At first she was given 3 mg of Morphine. After a couple of hours they gave her 1 mg of Dimarol, which is apparently only given to pregnant women when they have seizures because of the risk of harm to the baby.

After about 7 or 8 hours she signed herself out of the hospital because they had stopped running tests and only wanted to give her more painkillers. She still has pain, but it goes in and out now. She was here on vacation and is going back to her city today where she will contact her own doctor.

Even though she is going to see another doctor, I would like to be more well informed, to understand what is going on with her and be able to further help her.

I read some things online of women having this pain while pregnant, but I haven't really found an answer to what it is.

Has anybody had this problem or know what it could be?

Is there anything she can do to make the pain more bearable?

And how likely is it that the painkillers will cause side effects to the child? Was it a bad idea to take them in this situation?

All responses are helpful, Thank You.

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    That does sound like a gall bladder problem. When I was pregnant with my first I started getting stabbing pain in my upper abdomen that went through my ribs and down. At 29 weeks it really got bad and finally after about 3 hours of this nonstop pain I went to the hospital and when they did they found that I was actually passing a gall stone and that my gall bladder was filled with gall stones. It was too late in my pregnancy to do surgery so I just had to suffer through the rest of my pregnancy with them, but it was never that bad again once I passed the one gall stone.

    Tell her to drink plenty of water and to take two tums right before she eats (this helps your stomach acid and also the bile that is made in your gall bladder). Stay away from lots of ice cream and milk (which can cause gall stones and gall bladder attacks). Spicy foods also cause gall bladder attacks, or really rich foods. A nice, bland diet with lots of clear liquids and water.

    I doubt the painkillers they gave her have harmed her child, but she should definitely consult her own doctor as soon as possible.

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    Since your friend is in the hospital, you should probably take advantage of the doctors whose job it is to diagnose and cure these things, since they went to university for it. Coming onto Y!A and thinking getting answers from random people you do not know is the best option, well, it's not. Obviously, if you're at home and no doctors are around, okay, ask. But that is not the case...

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