Cymbalta left in 100 degree car for a whole week. Is it dangerous to take?

I tried calling the pharmacy, they didn't know. I tried calling the psychiatrist, he didn't know. Has ANYBODY else done this by accident before?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I wouldn't take it, I highly doubt it would be effective any more, drugs almost universally break down faster as temp increases, and at that high of a temp for that long it is also possible the drug itself or the capsule may have begun to melt.

    If you call the manufacturer, Eli Lilly at 1-800-LILLY-RX (1-800-545-5979), they should be able to link you to someone who will know. They are required to perform stability studies before the drug is marketed, and this is how they decide upon the recommended storage conditions and normal expiration date. Many of these tests are performed at elevated temperatures, because the relationship between temperature and increased rate of drug breakdown is usually a constant relationship, this allows the tests to be completed in a few months rather than years.

    I doubt it would be harmful, the published expiration date is set when 5% or 10% of the medication should have broken down in an unopened bottle stored as directed. Because patients reasonably would be expected to consume 5-10% of the drug in its decomposed form, I would expect that they ensure it is not too toxic, but that is just a guess, I am not sure.

    Personally I would just assume it wasn't good any more and get a new prescription filled, but obviously I am not you.

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  • 10 years ago

    Call Eli Lilly, the manufacturer to know for sure.

    However, I would say it wouldn't be poisonous, just ineffective if you took it.

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